Luck Of The Draw

imagesA man walks into an office, and there he observes the man he is about to replace, cleaning out his office drawers, and collecting his personal effects.

They try to work their way thru this awkward situation as best as they can. At that time, the other man reaches down into his desk drawer and takes out three envelopes. “Here, you are going to need these.”  He then smiles, and walks out.

About thirty days later, a call comes in from the boss, he tells the new guy, “Be in my office at 12:30 p.m. sharp, and you best not be late.” There is no mistaking his tone and attitude, he is hacked off.

Anxiously the new employee begins to worry, “What can be wrong, what do I do?” about that time he remembers the envelopes, he grabs the one marked #1, rips it open, and on the paper there is a note.

“Blame it on the other guy.”

So he takes the meeting and he does just that, he says, “I am new to the job, the other guy left it all in a mess, and I am just now catching up.” This seems to satisfy the boss.

Another month passes, same deal, “Boss is again upset, he is really hot this time.” Quickly the guy reaches into the desk and pulls the envelope marked #2. It reads, “Blame it on the employee’s, they are lazy, they do not know what to do. Business is bad, the economy is in the dumper.

Once again, a potential crisis has been avoided, this seems to pacify the boss.

Two months later, the phone rings, and yes, it is the boss. He is livid and in no uncertain terms, makes it known and sets the time for the now all too familiar office meet and the trip to the how come chair.

Almost instinctively the manager reaches for envelope #3 and quite desperately rips it open. There he finds written on the paper, “Prepare three envelopes.

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2 thoughts on “Luck Of The Draw

  1. Certainly is a VERY familiar story to me, but it did not happen to me. I’ve been in a vicinity in this type of incident, and witnessed the “three envelope” type of horror to an employee. It’s kinda funny when you first look at it in the beginning, but after you see it the second time? One has to wonder if you yourself will be called into the office !


    • Fortunately for me, when I was fired, it wasn’t a big deal. I promptly went out and bought a new pickup and went to Yellowstone. Some 90 days later, I was re-instated and came back to work. Never let them “own me” just worked for them, and it worked out well.

      Today (12-21) come to think of it would be the start of my 46th year of railroading if’n I was still working. Which is kind of foolish, because we all know we cannot do the job at this age, time and the rigors of physical activity all come to play at this late stage of the game.

      My boss used to look at me and bellow “Smith, I am gonna fire your _____ !” And I would just smile and reply, “I was looking for a job when I found this one, give it your best shot.”

      Thank you for your comment.



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