Good News …


Just got off the phone with the doctor, and he gave me some good news for a change.  He said my recent round of poking and prodding produced nothing of a significant nature and that I am okay.

Which after what I have been thru here lately is definitely a boost for me.

With six visits to the ER in the last two years and the operating room twice, it has taken a toll on the fuel fund, let me tell you.  Now I can sit back and take it in, one day at a time, without so much as a hint of anxiety.

So there is good news and there is bad.

First the good, the prognosis is great for a change, which is a most welcome relief. Now the bad, it appears that I am going to be around a little while longer.

So here is the game plan boys & girls … I plan on increasing my sarcasm by a measure of at least 18% and today I am going to town to celebrate with a BLT.


3 thoughts on “Good News …

  1. Good news!


  2. Only 18% ? Man ! you ARE getting old my friend ! Knowing you as I do (your sarcasm that is !) I’d hafta say you could definitely raise that there percentage up to maybe 26% ???


    • Really? I will take that under consideration. Most of the time I like to refer to it as “Dry Humor” but everyone seems to think it is sarcasm. Getting a lot of those pesky Christmas cards, and the wife never replies, so it is passed to me to answer them all. This will of course give me something to say this week for sure … stay tuned.


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