Why I Don’t Like LuvRbus …

Catchy title eh?  That is called “The Hook” it is intended to get you to at least look, and then the rest of it (keeping your interest) is up to the hack that is writing it.


So here we go …. Why I don’t like LuvRbus.   

Cliff Allen knows more than me in several areas of life b’sides just buses.  He lives where it is warm.  He points out the obvious, what he considers right and wrong, and takes the heat when those who are doing the right and wrong don’t like it.

Bus 029

Another thing I don’t like is it seems he is the real deal, he isn’t a cheap bus community poser or wanna-be type of fellow.  Unfortunately for LuvRbus that irks posers and wanna-be’s.

What does a bus poser actually do other than dream of doing something, owning something, attending something, getting elected to something.   What would they do with their time when they were done cutting and posting on the Internet, or opining on all the material that other people put up? (posers seldom contribute they just criticize) 

What would the profile of a bus poser look like? 


Here is a well intentioned guess. 

The bus poser wanna-be bus nut expert guy seldom actually gets out on the American Highway.  With the current cost of high priced fuel, maxed out credit limits on his VISA card, it pretty likely he will seldom leave his home state or actually attend a bus meet, even when it is only 150 miles away.  First one to announce that he will “be there for sure” and then beg’s off with some lame excuse at the last moment and never shows.

He sits in the comfort of his favorite easy chair, with his Rand McNally and dreams and schemes of trips yet to be taken.  Over a very short period of time he becomes a bus nut guru of sorts in his little make believe universe.  (get three of them together and you have a qualified expert on any given subject in the world)

Always the first to comment and the last word belongs to him … His stuff is the best in the west.  He knows the cheapest cost of everything, but regrettably, the value of nothing.  As Frank Burns on Mash used to say … “It’s lonely at the top.”

Sadly it is not easy being numero uno these days but someone has to do it. Clifford tries, it is even rumored that, “he is number one on a lot of people’s lists.” Strangely, this is something that a lot of us have aspired to all our lives … that … and bowling a perfect game.  Which of course is but a dream.  You and I will never bowl a perfect game, I know for a fact, it is completely out of my reach.

There is always hope.  Some of us could very well achieve the lofty status of a LuvRbus someday on a bus board.  In my case, all I have to do is learn how to baffle them with BS, because I sure don’t have a lot of what some would consider brilliance.

Bus 031-1

There might be a spot in the sun for Clifford and at the same time for me.  

Recently I discovered, quite by accident, two places available for us to store our BS.  One is called “Google” and another is some animal named “The Cloud?”  There is this other thing called a “Drop Box” but it has nothing to do with rear-ends and buses. 

Still here?  

Okay, there is more (there is always going to be more) Clifford and I share some common traits, we are both good looking, we are outspoken, we have buses and neither one of us knows when to shut up.  Personally, I am going to keep on being the guy I am, because I cannot be Clifford, and I know it would be wasting the me that I already am. 

Most likely none of this will never happen because we both get easily distracted while we sit patiently in our assigned chairs in God’s Waiting Room and watch the parade of life roll by.  Now sit back and relax, another great post is coming your way here on Creative Endeavors, The Home of Boxcarokie.com where we play all of the hits, and print all the news that causes fits, every day.

“Hey look Cliffy … There goes a squirrel!”


Footnote:  I ran this by one guy to make sure it was “venom proofed” and he replied with this:  And he’s owned nearly every make, model, and type of equipment.  Anything with an internal combustion engine. He’s run ’em and worked all night to fix ’em just so’s he could pay for them.  Oh, yeah for the last 50 years! He’ll help anyone who needs it and asks.  Will keep his mouth shut when he disagrees, unless asked or has had enough and then it’s both barrels, unfiltered and unvarnished … Duck Commander style!

So I guess it is alright.  Knowing the general nature of bus boards,social media and the Internet, I am sure if it isn’t, I will hear about it eventually.


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4 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like LuvRbus …

  1. I wish I could be you guys combined when (if) I grow up lol!


  2. Good one! The hook did it and I fell for it! lol He knows more than I’ll ever forget when it comes to buses, Detroit Diesels and life in general. Great Guy!


  3. Knowing you for the small amount of time that I do, my advice is STAY WHO YOU ARE my friend ! I like ya just as you are, with exception of that horrible position you’re in with your “easy” chair !
    You and a cast of thousands know I’ve got a ’48 Chevy Fleetmaster that I enter into various car shows during the season. Been doing that with other vehicles that I’ve owned since 2002, and believe me I’ve run across several guys and a few gals that own said vehicles and most are just like the gentleman you’ve portrayed here. Come to think of it SO AM I but I’m not as gifted (never was) in the repair/fix it type of mode.


    • I am going to approve your comment … May even quote you in the future, are you more than 68 inches tall, that is a requirement y’know. Nothing wrong with my easy chair, it has become my best friend and has really brought new meaning to my life, now that I no longer want sex.


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