Jus Sayin 1213

I hate doing this, but it seems that I must. No name calling is permitted at all. We are all grownups and each of us is expected to act like it. Just because someone uses a name that you feel is not correct doesn’t mean they are wrong. We will not put up with this kind of behavior at all.

So if I were to say, “I don’t like that guy he is a dirty-egg sucking dog.” 

That would not be allowed because it is offensive to the dog?

Nine times outta ten, when someone says 
“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but …”
You are going to mind.

Then when you do muster up the courage to say it, you get:

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Story of my life

Jus Sayin

2 thoughts on “Jus Sayin 1213

  1. Sometimes it is “how” you say it though.


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