Jus Sayin 1211

Fortunately for me, the crew of the Ice Cutter saw me standing all alone on the Ice floe and came to my rescue.  No longer able to feel my feet or toes, my fingers turning a dark black color …

No that aint right. 

Wednesday morning I was sitting at Starbucks, drinking a not so hot latte and the sky lit up, a huge meteor the size of …

No that aint right.


Last Friday at four-fifty-seven PM … At the most unfortunate time in my life, the bus coughed twice and came to rest on the railroad tracks, in the distance I could hear a train whistle …

No … that is DEFINITELY not right.

Now I am going to devote the rest of this day to some kind of time-waster or cheap thrill.  Such as giving my bologna a middle name, or some other important issue.

I am not, under any circumstances going to mow, sack, cut, trim, sweep, take to the curb or re-arrange anything other than the head pillows on my easy boy recliner.

It’s a tough job … but someone has to do it.

Jus Sayin

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