Jus Sayin 1206

911 what is your problem?
All my trees are humming and my kids are glowing in the dark.

In 1986 the reactor core at Chernobyl melted down and spread radioactive material over a large part of the Ukraine and Europe.

400 times more than what the USA dropped on Hiroshima at the end of World War II. Scientists are now saying it still will be 20,000 years before it will be safe to live there again.

If we stopped everything today,
no more fossil fuels
no more coal,
no more transportation.
gas, elec. or diesel.

If every country in the world shut it all down,
and we rode a bicycle to work each day
sat in the dark at night, and froze our collective butts’ off …

It would still take the earth over sixty years to recover her carbon footprint and start on a road to better health.

Since the first Atom tests shattered the dawn in New Mexico in the late forties, there have been 2,603 nuclear tests above ground in the open air.

And everyone wonders why were all suffering from Cancer.

Jus Sayin