Jus Sayin – Last One


Steven Wright cracks me up, if I get an opportunity to see him, I always try to make it.  The past ninety days I have been trying some different things here and on FaceBook.  Some of them have been in the spirit of Steven Wright or perhaps, Dave Barry. 

Both men talented in their own rights, worth emulating if you will.  Jus Sayin has been one off-shoot of this type of thinking.  And even tho’ I sincerely enjoyed my trip into obscurity and yes, total-non-sense at times, it is time to put a stop to it (Jus Sayin). 

While fun and enjoyable to throw together.  It has made me lazy and unfortunately, helped me to form some new habits, that I find are not constructive or conducive to good blogging (yet alone grammar).

From time to time, all of us here, will try something different.  I jumped on FaceBook to get a little taste of that.  Some surprising things happened.  For one, “I recently found 290 photo’s tucked into a file on my computer, not of my making.”

That was kind of disturbing and also depressing because of the content of these photo’s.  Now I know why the cops are so quick to seize the computer when they raid the house.

But that is a horse of another color, we are drifting here, sorry.

FaceBook as a social media platform, in my opinion, is a miserable failure.  People are so quick to hit a Like Button and then move on, seldom have time to share a real thought.  It is also intrusive, asking questions of the user all the time, profiling what it is, who it is, that you are mingling with or following.  Much like Goggle, tracking your every move.

I have noticed here and over there, that people are now regressing to a point where a written comment is just about unheard of.  Years ago I lamented about this very same point on BoxCarOkie, and today, it is even worse than it was then. 

People are apparently so busy trying to make a life, they do not have time for one.  Same thing happening regarding actual real comments.

It takes virtually no talent, drive, or imagination to click on a Like Button.  Same with video’s and cutesy sayings and electronic cards (when you cut and paste, that is their spirit, imagination and thoughts not yours). 

Email is a joke and not to be trusted. 

The FaceBook media makes it easy to skip the outpouring of the human spirit, the sharing of ideas, or communication in its basic form.  It is for lack of a better analogy, a swift exit from real life and the world we all share each day.

So we click the button and we move on. 

We are so sad, we click “Like” on a child fighting for his life with leukemia, or when Grandma dies.  We cannot say “I love you” but instead tell everyone where we are putting on the feed-bag for supper, or send a photo of our latest high calorie, cholesterol filled creation.   

How people can construe that as “communication or sharing” I will never know.  Having said it before, I will say it again.  “There is nothing on FaceBook that cannot wait.” 

Pick up a phone, call your kids or a friend … Hell, just try to “talk to someone” for a change, you might be pleasantly surprised.

Jus Sayin

(Last one)


Jus Sayin 1230


Okay, all you hyped up middle aged overachievers who always had their homework in on time … Which planet is E.T. from? (I Googled it and they said .. You Again … Go Away!)  Recently NASA shot off a rocket to space, achieving an altitude of 38,000 miles above the earth, some 15 times higher than the current orbit of the Space Station.

The question begs an answer … Why?

We have all of these theories but no clear cut defined reasons for what it we are doing.  I like the one theory that a rogue planet named Nibiru, or “Planet X” is hidden behind the sun and will emerge and collide with Earth later this year. Here is another one you can file along with the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and UFO’s.

Can you imagine the tan lines you would have if you spent all of your time hiding behind the sun?


Perhaps it is time for us, to just think about moving to another planet altogether.  We cannot seem to live in peace and harmony on this one, we have done so much ecological damage to it now, it most likely cannot survive. Might be time to colonize Mars.  (This is where you should insert the folks on Jupiter and Saturn are most likely saying … Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood) I personally do not understand it, we shoot up rockets into space unmanned just to prove we can, and at the same time deny a Vet. his bsic rights and treatment at the V.A..

In other words, “Houston, we have a problem.”

By the way … NASA dismissed Nibiru as an internet hoax.  Now Roswell, NM and Area 51, just for the record are true.  My neighbor told me that. He is the guy you often see in the summertime in his backyard riding his little John Deere lawn tractor with the Alum-tin-foil hat.


One more day and this sucker will be history, stick a fork in it, because it is done. 2014 was a real butt kicker for this Cowboy, I hope to saddle up something a little more friendly in the coming New Year.

Happy Trails ….. 

Jus sayin

Wish Upon A Star …


My Daddy used to chuckle and he would look down at me and say “Wish in one-hand kid, and spit in the other.  See which one fills up first.”  But today is Monday and I always try to be up-beat and positive on Monday’s.  (Uh huh sure)  “In the spirit of Judy Garland we could all collectively wish upon a star and try and change our destinies.  When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are, that kind of deal.

I like this part:  When you wish upon a star, it makes no difference who you are.  Looking back, I remember as a small lad my father told me a fable such as that one night when I was but a small tyke, I still remember lying there in wonder and bewilderment.

It went something like this … He said …. YOUR mother said I was to come in here and tell you a fable or a bedtime story. 

So pay attention.

Once upon a time, a Prince who asked a beautiful Princess, “Will you marry me?”

The Princess said, “NO!”

And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and banged skinny long-legged, big breasted broads and hunted and fished and raced cars and went to naked bars and dated women half his age and drank whiskey, beer and Captain Morgan and never heard bitching and never paid child support or alimony and nailed cheerleaders and kept his house and guns and ate Spam and potato chips and beans and blew enormous farts and never got cheated on while he was at work and all his friends and family thought he was cool as hell and he had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up.  The End

Then my father went into the kitchen for another beer and I was told to go to sleep.  To this day I have to admit, “I just love a good fairytale” how about you?


Comments are on … Give it a shot.

Jus Sayin 1228


As a small lad growing up, I read comic books all the time one of my favorites was Dick Tracy a cop who had this chiseled face and talked into a wrist watch two-way walkie talkie thingy

Today I saw a guy talking into a wrist watch at China Mart no joke, walking around in housewares, talking to his wrist!  It appears what used to be fantasy is now reality

“Lace up your boots and boogie 181.fm tune into the 181 country highway” what it is they are playing, I don’t get it, it sure as ____ aint country.

Just as sure as I am about seeing a pair of “Cowboy Boots” that you have to lace up.  That is the difference between a Rancher and a Farmer, one gets up and puts on his boots, the other puts them on and laces them up.

More Yuppies writing copy I suppose.

A friend of mine posted a shot of her walking barefoot holding her husbands’ hand strolling on the beach somewhere deep down in the heart of Texas.  Idyllic and picturesque, two lovers meandering in the sand.

Then I remembered that cruise ships dump more than 1 billion gallons of sewage in the the ocean each year.  A cruise ship with 3,000 passenger and crew will produce enough sewage to fill 10 backyard swimming pools a week.  Maybe I should go to Orlando instead.  Had a thought about Cuba.  Nah, that is gone.

The FDA announced recently that Gay Men could donate blood if they have not had sex in one year.  Hell, I can beat that by 28 months easily.  In all honesty … It’s been so long since I had sex, I cannot remember who gets tied up.

“Jesus loves you.”

A nice gesture at Christmas time but a terrible thing to hear in a Mexican prison.

Found myself checking stat’s this morning and noted I have 1,700 posts on my site
that means that if I wanted to, I could sit back and re-post one a day for the next 4.6 years.

Might get lazy in 2015.

Jus Sayin

Jus Sayin 1227

imagesFacebook finally comes thru, it has been awhile. 

This week I got a message from a sweet girl in Nigeria and she said “that she was really sure that I might be the one?” and that she needed a little money to get out of the airport.

We struck up a mutual admiration kind of relationship and I agreed to send her some cash, wrapped in tin foil, tucked into a box of Post Toasties. 

Her picture is stunning and her story is captivating, but I am a little bit suspicious as to why she has a post office box and not a real working address.

This could be that Clearing House Magazine Sweepstakes nightmare all over again.

Jus Sayin

The Right Niche In Life


As the American trifecta of greed, avarice and filthy lucre winds up (Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and the coming New Year) we will now enter into the cycle of “New Year’s Resolutions” and the folly that always accompanies them.

I on the other hand, do not make resolutions. Often pragmatic (and yes, stubborn) when I resolve to do something, I just do it. No proclamation or genuine statement of intention, just a slow, steady move towards a goal. Resolving an issue and dealing with it are two distinctly different animals to me.

With the coming New Year I find myself contemplating another mystery in life. I may decide to resolve it or just live with it.

Where do all these young people find the resources to sail the south pacific, trek the Andes’, walk across Europe. Lie on a beach of white sand or dive in a cave in the Caribbean. How do they purchase GoPro’s and expensive nights in resorts of uncommon splendor. Who picks up the tab at the end of the day for all this adventure and play?

How come they don’t have to work their ass off to pay for a house, get ahead in the world, send the little dinkers to college?

Like most Americans I grew up believing that I would work to age 65, and then I would retire. I would get my well deserved rest, leisure activities would abound, I could travel the world, all of it funded by Social Security, my former employer and my savings.

But it did not turn out that way, or anything closely resembling that in my case.

What I found out was that when you retire (early or not) that you age quicker, that if you want to do better intellectually and physically, you should stay hooked up and working. When you retire and no longer have the daily routine, your cognitive abilities go into steep decline, and things rapidly change in your life.

One person I have always been envious of, or looked up to, was Sonnie Bono. Sonnie was always good at reaching down and picking himself up by the bootstraps and getting back into the game.

Sonnie had this uncanny knack of finding the right niche in life.

When life dealt him a bad hand, he took it all in stride and then he moved on. Time and time again, when knocked down and seemingly out of it, he would re-invent himself and crawl his way back up to the top.

Perhaps that is what I need to do.

That is dedication, hard work, perseverance. It is not a mindless wish upon another turn of the page on some calendar.

Oh well? Whatever rows your boat.


One Christmas Night … Joshe’s Letter

Joshua one of our grandchildren is thirteen now.  I still remember the day I met him, he was a “preemie” came out of the chute weighing less than a five pound bag of sugar.  Real small, I had never seen a baby that small before.

But he turned out just fine.

He was a handful, great little kid.

This morning I am thinking of the day I walked into the kitchen, long ago, and there he sat, little red head facing down towards the table, feet just off the floor, and I thought to myself, “They grow up so fast.  Soon he will be a teenager and we will not have this time with him.”

Oblivious to just about everything in the room, he was deep into his ritual.  He was intently hovering over his piece of yellow paper, the kind with the “big lines” on it and I asked him “Josh, what he are you doing?” and he said, “writing a letter to Santa Claus.”

Carefully, unknown to him, I studied him intently.  I watched him labor with “his letters” as he refers to them, working diligently with each stroke, with care, with his big #2 pencil, he put his thoughts down on the paper.

Who knows?

Possibly for the very first time.

So I slowly walked over to the table and I peered down on the sheet of paper, curious to see what it is that he was so diligently working on and I saw:  “Dear Santa, I can save you some time this year, please skip my sister.” 

So I asked him about that, did he think it was right, did he think it was the “proper thing to do?”

And he didn’t quite have an answer for me.

“Josh, you know about the naughty and nice rule, right?” and he shook his little head and said, “Yes.

Do you think this fits in that area?  Naughty or nice?  He thought about it for a minute and then said, “I dunno.”

Then I said to him, “I can get you off the naughty list, but it costs a buck?  You got a buck?” and like a rocket, he shot out of the chair, ran into the TV Room and inquired of his dad, “Dad, can I have a dollar?

Lord help us.

And yes, there isn’t anything better in the world than being a registered Grandfather.