Jus Sayin 1130


We live in an exciting age, and information of all sorts, plays a major part in our daily lives.  Seems to be a big push in our society to make sure that all of this “so-called information” on just about everything, is put in the right place. 

So it can be archived for posterity, for this multitude of “new people” who are joining the ranks. 

So you would naturally think in the progression of things, some kind of standard would have to be applied to all of this.  Getting things organized is good. It is commendable, admirable, call it what you wish.

Now update your photo, re-arrange your FB page or clean up your garage.

I am off to the kitchen to nuke me a hot pocket.  

(After that I am gonna powerwash our cat)

Jus sayin’

2 thoughts on “Jus Sayin 1130

  1. Gosharootie Don ! Didn’t know you were gonna post this ! Guess I jumped the gun ’cause last evening went through my email address list and deleted a few names that have not responded nor forwarded their words of wit to me for a long time.
    As I’d told you via a phone conversation awhile back, made it a New Year’s Resolution to phone some if not all those people once or twice just to say hello with a “human” voice ‘stead of the email, Facebook (which I don’t use) snail mail, etc. Like we all find out while trying to find and/or locate classmates for up ‘n coming school reunions, some of these classmates of mine don’t seem too interested in ANY form of communications nowadays, which to me is sad. But, like you’ve blogged here, guess they’ve cleaned up ‘n weeded out a lot of stuff?


    • FaceBook is an abysmal failure when it comes to communication. It takes time, effort, thought to put together a well written, spelled correctly post. It doesn’t take a genius to lift something from Utube or some other site and post it.

      Kind of like Oatmeal, okay while you have it, but later you are going to want something more. Least that is the way I see it, I just tinker with FB, mess around, the good stuff goes here first.

      If there is such a thing as good stuff?



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