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Lee Judge

Does history repeat itself:  Guns … Guns … Guns.  How quickly we forget.  It is not always guns … guns are not the problem.  Andrew Kehoe blew up a school bus in Beth Township, Michigan.  Kehoe also killed his wife and firebombed his own farm, all of this happening just as the charges he had placed under a local school went off.  

Which ended up killing 37 elementary school children and two teachers.  Then he drove to the school, in a car loaded up with shrapnel and detonated that, killing three adults, a schoolboy and himself.

 All of this happened in 1922.  

Three days later, Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris and completed his trans-Atlantic flight, the nation and the world quickly forgot about the worst diabolical act of home grown terrorism and worst massacres in U.S. History. 

Barn Burner:  Yesterday’s post, Stumped In Oklahoma went over 1,700 views in one day period, that is kind of amazing.  You keep on chopping, day after day, and the chips keep flying, and then every now and then, you hit one out of the park.  Who would have thunk thet?

“Handpicked highlights brought to you from the wordpress editors”  …  Our friends over at Fresh Pressed have put up a real head-banger, 3,700 words on a Gay porn star who has committed suicide and the possible reasons for this.  Uh huh … sure.  Fully believing that people will believe the truth when they hear it, here is the bottom line.  People who commit suicide are selfish, and they are only thinking of themselves, not the people they left behind to mourn. 


Gasoline The New Gold Standard: The price of gasoline has increased .50 cents this month, today is the 36th day it has increased in price, and I fully expect it to continue to spiral out of sight (Who is going to stop the carnage?).  At the current rate, if it is to continue at this accelerated pace, a gallon of gas should be somewhere around $8.40 a gallon by Christmas.  

 If you want to read more on it, here is a link.

Sitting on the dock of the bay:  I keep thinking about these two old boys, sitting on a boat dock in Alabama, and hurtling thru space is a chunk of rock, big as a bus, moving at 33,000 miles per hour.  What do you think the expression is going to be on their face when that monster rock plows into the pond they are fishing in?  I am sorry …. but it just makes me smile.  Here is something else I found amusing this week.

Sweet Dreams:  You ever lie in your bed, that special early time in the morning, where you are not exactly asleep, but you still have your eyes closed?  I have just had another nice dream, one of those sweet dreams, where you just don’t want to open your eyes, and lose the image in your brain that has brought you release from the trials of life.  

In my younger days, my mom would call them Happy Dreams, and we will leave it that.  Anyway, she was there, Penny from the Big Bang Theory and she shared some time with me last night and I just don’t want to get up, I don’t want to open my eyes.


 Which is a lot, lot better than those other dreams.  

Y’know, the one’s where you are naked and walking backwards in the dark, and you brush up against a warm buttered doorknob, don’tcha just hate those kind of dreams?

Have a great weekend.  We are headed into round three of winter weather and most likely will be shut in, napping our day away and of course ….. dreaming.  (heh-heh)


Cartoon courtesy of American Progress Online

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6 thoughts on “Friday Markup

  1. Always interesting, just like in 2011. I mention 2011 because since August of that year China has blocked WordPress, so only now vacationing in Vietnam do I have a chance to read some of my favorite WordPress blogs. Thanks for still being here.


    • I did not know that, I had noted that you were no longer around. I hate censorship of any kind, so I sympathize with your plight. We have been here for a little over four years now, everyday we try to put up something interesting, amusing or thoughtful.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and validating our purpose.



  2. I’m sure gasoline will continue to climb for a little bit and if it gets a lot higher then Congress will hold hearings about it….again. They will summon the oil company CEO’s and grill them in front of cameras for their constituents to see, then ultimately, do nothing…..again. Later the market will fall some and people will turn their attention to something new….again.


    • It is sad, but I have to agree with you James. There is no relief in sight for the consumer, and until they build some new refineries (doubtful) and increase the quantities on the open market, there will be no noticeable price change.

      We are geared to suck off the petroleum tit for the next hundred years. If they develop a car that will run on water, Congress will outlaw H2O it is that simple.

      Thanks for checking in,



  3. Certainly did not expect the “ending” of the VW commercial ! Have not seen it on the telly ’cause most of the stuff we watch are on the cable channels provided by Direct TV. It’s a great “DUH” moment fer shure !


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