Martian Chronicles

Lee Judge

Tonight somewhere deep in a hollar in West Virginia a little girl is going to bed, and she is hungry.  In Alabama or Mississippi a little boy wonders what bananas taste like, as he has never tasted one.  In Kentucky and Tennessee folks are really hurting for groceries, in what some have called “The Greatest Country on the face of the planet.”

Not long ago, a friend of mine sent me an interesting link on “How To Get To Mars” that I found extremely interesting and at the same time, somewhat disturbing.  Click Here for: “How to Get to Mars.   It seems that man has all this technology at his fingertips, but instead of stopping to utilize what it is that he has created or discovered, he marches on to other lofty goals and plateaus of discovery, and ignores the problems that surround him on all sides.

It costs a lot of money to go to Mars, or to insert a huge machine into the upper atmosphere and space.  Where is the payback?  How does this huge expenditure of funds (that we apparently do not have) benefit mankind in general?

Meanwhile, back home on earth, our children go to bed at night and quite a few of them are hungry.  We seem to do this everywhere we go and in all the things we do.  I have said it before, “We build bridges and highways in countries where the populace ride a donkey to town, and hate our guts.”  Something is wrong with our priorities in this country, as Jesus said, “Suffer the little children not.”

For my money, I can see no logical reason for us as a nation to be sending anything to Mars or anywhere else for that matter.

Unfortunately, as citizens we have no say-so in how our government spends our tax dollar.  They can reach out to other planets and galaxies with impunity and we have no recourse.  The tragic thing about all this, is that there is unparalleled beauty right here on our planet, but they are too blind to see it.

There is untold beauty and still plenty of mystery to be explored right here on our own planet.

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