Hard to find anything to add to this list. Pretty cool. One of those, “I wish I had written that kind of things.”  





So vent and expound I shall. Thirty times.

1) I can’t stand it when people ask: “Can I ask you a question?” Really?

2) You know those paper roadmaps? I hate it when they’re not folded back up correctly.

3) I understand the need to abbreviate when texting. Truly, I do. But when your excessive abbreviating srts mkng ewe snd lk a toetl ideut…..then you should just make a phone call. Stop insulting my intelligence, mkay?

4) Here’s the thing. If you want to be all “Thug” and walk around with your britches around your knee caps, then please for the love of GAWD make sure your underpants are clean. Please.

5) I love my Ma-in-Law. I got real lucky in that department. But she has this little motivational quote that drives me nuts. “Make hay while the sun is shining!” In other words: “You’d better get your butt…

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