Searching For The Rainbow

usmap06Two full weeks into the New Year and the highly anticipated change in my life has not happened.  I am beside myself.  My grandmother used to admonish me all the time, “Look for the rainbow in life Donnie, stop complaining about what is buggin’ you and search your horizons for the rainbow.”  Each day I find myself searching for this elusive prize, but it never seems to materialize. I know that Granma was right, but I was young and stupid and I didn’t have time for the wisdom of the age.

I already knew it all.

This morning I am thinking of a good friend of mine who is recovering from the Flu.  As usual, the government got it all wrong, and it is a lot worse than it was before, as a matter of fact, “it is the worse it has been in four years.”  In realistic terms, at best, it is now a yearly thing.  I wrote about it just three years ago here.


Go get the shot and you will be safe …. So they tell us.  Now really, do you believe that?

Projecting ahead of time this national malaise, is at best a guessing game every year, who is going to be safe, who is going to be sick, who is going to die.  Yes, the Flu, believe it or not can kill you. They do their level best (so they tell us) to protect us from this scourge and they also promote a shot for it, even when they do not know which version of the Flu will appear on the face of the land.

Will it be mild?  Will it be horrific, will it have projectile vomiting?  Nice thoughts on a Monday morning, eh. (Makes me want to sing and dance, how about you?)

Me and the Mrs. we got the shot.  

We get the shot every year.  Today she will head on down to the local church, a virtual hot bed of germ breeding and possibly come into contact with some air-borne micro-organism and tote it back home to me.  I secretly dread that, I feel I am somewhat safe here in the country away from the teeming masses.  In the back of my mind, I silently hope that the shot will do its thing, because I do not want the Flu.


It is possible we all would agree on one thing.  It is good to be healthy, to be able to stand on the front porch and watch the impending storm roll this way, to see the beauty and awe afterwards, the occasional rainbow.  Gazing upon the wonders of nature or listening to the sounds or song of the day, naturally makes a person more in tune with life.

You feel less rushed, more patient, and compassionate toward others.

In this world that far too often seems to be nothing short of turned completely upside down, there is hope in awe inspiring scenes, such as waterfalls and breaching whales, standing on the curb as the parade rolls by and the fire engine trucks blow their air horns and break the air with their siren’s.

When you take time to stop and think about your day, do you play it back in slow motion, are you unhurried as you recall this awesome moment in time, when it slowly infected you with its wonder and greatness?  We spend far too much time these days accentuating the negative and not looking for the rainbow in life.

I need to look for the rainbow in life, and I need to do it more often, if they had a shot for that, I would gladly step up and stand behind the red line, to patiently wait for a dose of that.

How about you?*


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