2 thoughts on “Do You Want Fries With Dat?

  1. It seems that I’m receiving my share of these via email nowadays, and this one I must say just makes me want the networks to bring back re-runs of the old Candid Camera and Alan Funt. As in most of his shows, just the expressions on the “victims” faces makes it worthwhile to watch, as the case is here !


    • Most likely will not happen Joe. Too much of television is catered to the new generation that grew up on the Internet, the click and look crowd, and then move on. We no longer have the luxury of sitting around and being amused by slow moving television, it is all super fast clicking from one item to the next at breakneck speed, that is what they perceive us to want, and that is the generation that grew up on it.

      The other hand of course is “reality” television which really sucks. Right now they are tattooing dead people on CMT and they say this is entertainment? Where do we draw the line, people standing in a morgue and tatooing a dead-body is supposed to be something that the family can sit down and watch and is not considered disgusting?

      But I am in a generous mood today, so I will say no more. I did however enjoy this drive-thru video, thought it was pretty well thought out and enjoyable.



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