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On December 7th, I took steps to initiate the “Publicize Feature” on this website.  Here is a graph of what has transpired in the past two weeks as a direct result of this so-called feature.  Not much.  You can see by the stat’s that the traffic to the blog has virtually stayed at about the same steady daily pace and that only one or two days do you find any noticeable increase in traffic.

I do not see where it has produced any visible increase in traffic at all.  It all depends on the material (as it always has) and what it is that you put up on the page.  When I started this procedure they came in and virtually raped my address files and then generated a lot of spam to all of my friends and contacts to “join me” in this adventure.

Which I did not appreciate at all.

It would be my recommendation that if you are considering doing this, you might want to think it out first, before doing it firsthand.  The benefits are far less than promised and it is going to irritate your friends and contacts, as it did mine, so I cannot see where it is all that much of benefit versus a hassle.  As always, it is right there, you be the judge.

Here is today’s offering at Creative Endeavors, Stressful Issues.


Stressful Issues

“Find a way to cheer up bucko … If you don’t … Anxiety and Worry will surely kill you.

Worry takes a heavy toll.”

This time of the year, a lot of people suffer from anxiety.  I myself find that I am not immune to it, and that I often feel depression sneaking in to my life to rob me of my joy.  Church goers possibly have a step up on everyone else, as the Bible instructs them to “not be anxious or to worry, for all of their needs shall be met by the Lord.”  Studies have long established that regular church going folk, have fewer problems as prayer lowers the body’s blood pressure and has a calming effect.

Also at this time of the year, the New Year, folks are worrying more about what is to come than at other times of the year, which leads to anxiety, worry.  Even tho we have long established traditions in place, seasons of time, the fear of the unknown seems to creep in and place all of us or at least a few of us, in deep seated worry and anxiety.

Which in turn kills us slowly and surely.

My good friend Ricky used to have a saying it was D.W.A.B.I. (“Doo-wah-bee”) which was his country way of saying … Don’t Worry About It.  Taking the stress of everyday life too much to heart could increase your risk of cardiovascular disease and shorten your life. Ironically, Ricky was sitting at the table in the kitchen, drinking a cup of coffee, and reeled over from a massive heart attack and died, at the ripe old age of 45.

A study of over 65,000 people found that those who reported feeling even “mild anxiety” of the sort that distracted them, depleted their self confidence, or sometimes kept them awake at night, were 16 percent more likely to die over a 10-year period than those with no such worries.

About one and four people experiences mild anxiety, but most remain untreated because don’t have “sufficient symptoms to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder or a depressive illness.”

So, if you are seriously feeling like you are down in the dumps now that the holiday is officially over, all the parties have subsided and it is hard to get back into the groove, if all you have left to snack on is a holiday fruit cake and no one to talk to.

Find a way to cheer up bucko … If you don’t … Anxiety and Worry will surely kill you.

Worry takes a heavy toll.

Have a great weekend, we will see all of you on Monday.


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