The End Is Near

photo[1]Sitting at the counter eating my breakfast and this guy is telling me all about the FEMA camps that are set up around the country.  These camps are being built or installed on old Army and Air Force bases according to him, by the U.S. Government.

He insists that they “are for the internment of U.S.Citizens and illegals” and they are springing up all around the country.

So later on, after I get home, I do an internet search on them under the name of FEMA camps and low and behold, stuff, all kinds of stuff, comes up on them.  Most of the “information” is put up by para-military people or what I like to refer to as “conspiracy buffs” and nothing concrete seems to be there.

What I do notice is this, out of all these so-called camps that the government is building, vivid descriptions and notes about their physical plant and construction, none of them seem to have a “location that is definable.”  In other words, you cannot locate a physical address of one camp.

Now that strikes me as kind of strange.

I mean, if they are real, if they are there, we should be able to find the address of at least one of them and then drive to that location and see for ourselves, you would think.

My favorite lunch counter character is the guy I shared a breakfast with in Savannah, Oklahoma one frosty morning.  He told me that he was not actually a truck driver, he was a tug boat captain on the Mississippi River, that he only drove a truck when the river froze over.

So much for the conspiracy theory section of the post.  Let us talk about something very real.

Is it ever going to rain? 

Looking up at the sky these days and there isn’t even a hint of rain in them.  They are no longer blue either, the sky in my part of the world is always kind of a faint blue color almost a lite looking shade of grey.  Most of Dallas rush hour is hovering over my head I am afraid.


Back in the Dust Bowl Days they would say “we are one day closer to rain, than we were yesterday” but it never rained.  Several schools of thought on wether or not this is climate change or not, I personally believe, after the sweltering heat of last summer, that it is man made.  I can not remember when it has rained in this part of the country, a slow gentle rain, something that not only cleared the air, but refreshed the earth.  It just doesn’t seem to rain here or anywhere any longer, and that is just not right.

60 years of climate data says that average extreme summer heat occurred on far less than 1% of the surface of the planet.  Before 1980, over the past three decades, that number has soared to as high as 13%.  Man-made global warming is not some scientific theory, we are now experiencing scientific fact.

Sen. James Inhofe and the rest of them can scoff and make light of it as much as they want, but it is real, and we are in the middle of it.  Last summer was horribly hot (this summer I suppose will be the same or quite possibly worse) and the fierce Texas/Oklahoma drought will continue, overseas the heat waves in Russia and the Middle East will still rage on, about 10 times more frequently than they did decades ago.

As the ice caps and the glaciers retreat, the clear cutting of the Amazon Forest in Brazil continues (a source of 48% of the worlds fresh water …  Five acre’s disappeared while you were reading this) and potable supplies of water dry up, what will we face then?  The problems the polar bears face now, soon will be coming home to us, we are just a little bit farther up the food chain.

Then what?