Cowboys And Cowgirls


The pictures are great, but the Editor sucks.  Too much work to make them all conform to the same size and editing is a PITA if this is the future, it sucks. really dropped the ball on this one for sure.


2 thoughts on “Cowboys And Cowgirls

  1. I’m glad you did take the time to post this DS, as when I’d received an email with all these pics, could not believe all the comments I got back after I forwarded it to my address list folk.
    I know of what you speak of what you went thru, as I use a program called Photoscape. Did all the senior pics from my high school for our 50th reunion in 2010 which were all in TIF mode. The high school alumni site has size restrictions too, and it’s very time consuming to size and re-size something that you want all of it to fit, but more so then none, it won’t !


    • The new photo section really stinks, not only does it make posting photos and resizing them difficult it also has no ability to post Utube video’s. It really sucks.



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