Cash N Carry

Dumb, really dumb.  The city of Brighton, Mich. Is threatening legal action against a local doctor over an unpaid tax bill of $0.51.  Dr. Phil Kaanji says he probable left the cents off a tax check he sent to the city, but says it’s absurd that he’s now being bombarded with registered mail warnings that say “FINAL NOTICE.”

Each one that is sent, is costing the city $5.21 in order to notify him.  City finance directors said the city has no choice but to pursue any unpaid tax.  “No matter how small.” He said, “we can’t ignore it or waive it.”  Last time I heard something that was about this stupid was when a city sent a notice to a tree.

When I paid off my credit cards a few years ago, I overpaid each and everyone by like .50 cents or something like that.  You would be surprised how many statements that they will send you (at .42 cents each) telling you of your overpayment and how it will be applied to your next statement.  I have to admit, I got a perverse charge out of that, for some 8-10 months afterwards.  Shell Oil one of my favorites has just sent me a statement of my .21 cent credit to be applied to future purchases and I just love it.


Do you know how to tell if you are over your limit on the card?  When you are standing at Lowe’s and they swipe your card to pay for the items ….. If the lites in the building suddenly dim a little bit … You are over your limit.  Remember that.

An Oklahoma home builder has switched to smaller homes, after years of building 6,000 sq. ft. homes he has recently started building smaller 1,800 sq ft homes.  As American’s continue to cut back on many things, housing is one of them.  Lowe’s and Home Depot posting big losses this year.  Motorhome sales in the U.S. are predicted to shrink some 305,000 units this year because of the higher cost of fuel.  A dealer in Denver that I know says that the market has “gone soft” a more appropriate description might be gushy or flat out vanished.  The wife and I recently ran across a house that both of us really liked, and could afford, the only problem being, we cannot get the dog to move out of it.

Been a wild and whacky month here in the Great Middle Class Nation.   Shaped and molded into a modern day “Globalization Empire” that was honed with instruments such as outsourcing, off-shoring, firing at will.  The Republican and/or Democratic elegy for our vanishing American way of life.  The land of equality or a bankers utopia, you make the call.

If you are in a meat market in Los Angeles and you poke the turkey to see how tender it is, you are breaking the law.  If you meet another guy on the beach and decide to get married, it is perfectly legal ….. go figure.  Middle of the month, mark another “X” on the calendar, one more tired dead soldier put down to rest.

Soon it will be time to sit down to the table and give thanks (in some cases just to celebrate we somehow made it thru another year) and break bread with the family.  Watch The Dallas Cowboys lose to somebody and loosen up another button on the bottom of the shirt.

I got it made in the shade.  Pass me some of them sweet potato’s.


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4 thoughts on “Cash N Carry

  1. I liked your post because: 1) I like Dallas losing on Thanksgiving; 2) I liked the idea of a city sending a notice to a tree; and 3) I liked being passed them sweet potatoes.


    • Why thank you sir, I read your site and find it amusing and often it stirs my creative juices and tweaks my curiosity.

      Thanks again for stoppin by,



  2. To comment on “final notice” several years ago I’d read that one could get back at the yahoos that keep sending out their junk mail all over the world; this by using their reply envelope and stuffing all that stuff back into it and mailing it back to them ! I don’t do it as much anymore, but when I notice repetitive mailings pile up, I get back into the urge and load up the mailbox !


    • That does work, at one time I had all of our junk mail down to virtually zero. Then we moved, she filled out one form at the fair, and the whole thing started again. As she will not help (constantly fills out these things with no regard for the consequences) I just gave up.



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