Thursday Backwater

PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE:  A Wyoming legislator has introduced a bill to prepare the state to issue its own currency and restore order when the nation’s economy and social structure collapses.  He says he wants Wyoming residents to be protected from “catastrophic events, noting that things happen quickly.”  For instance, take a look at Egypt and the guys in Libya or down there in California, just across the bay in Oakland.

PAYBACK:  A man in Cincinnati Ohio who complained on Facebook that his estranged wife was an “evil, vindictive woman” was ordered by a judge to post daily apologies for a month or go to jail.  Not much of a choice there.  He is complying with the order, but says only his friends could view his complaints, and that the judge violated his freedom of speech, which is really hard to believe in this day and age of airport searches, wire taps and covert surveillance.  Tell me it isn’t so?

BAD NEWS IF YOU ARE UNDER SIXTY:  Everyone on Earth under age 60 may have a problem.  Astronomers detected a 460- foot wide asteroid that might hit our planet in February 2040.  (I wonder … would that be a Monday?)  Now here is the good news, they are not all that sure of the asteroids path.  By the time they are, our illustrious general staff will have invented a missile to take it out, that is, if the right lane is not closed in 1500 feet.

LIVING ON LESS:  What do you eat on $4.06 per day?  A local food bank issued a challenge to the mayor of a Nevada city to live for five days on the food stamp allowance for a single person.  Breakfast was Cheerios, lunch canned soup, and dinner tuna sandwiches or macaroni and cheese.  No fruit on any meal.  Healthy food tends to be more expensive than processed food   So if you find yourself down and out in this Great Country, figure on a lot of tomato soup.

TUNED IN:  A Minnesota man was arrested after he allegedly hobbled out of a store with a 19-inch flat screen TV in his pants.  A cop noticed the guy shuffling slowly and strangely through the parking lot, and found a large rectangular shape in his pants. It turned out to be a TV.  Police say he was also carrying a remote control, power chords, and bottle of brake fluid.

SAFE HARBOR:  Most people do not know this, but the suicide rate in New York City is about half the national average.  City officials say the low rate is primarily the result of the city’s strict gun control laws. Only 12% of the suicides in New York involve firearms, where as the national average is 51%.  Then there is the matter of this national dismal economy where it has been proven that it is almost impossible to kill yourself jumping out of a basement window.

TAX FREE:  35 agents of the IRS are assigned fulltime to ExxonMobil headquarters in Houston, where they conduct “non-stop” audits of the company’s tax accounting.  In 2009, Exxon paid no U.S. Income taxes on profits of a paltry $19.3 billion, receiving instead a $156 million credit.  The company did pay $15.2 billion in foreign taxes.  Must be nice … I would like to get a credit for something … anything.

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3 thoughts on “Thursday Backwater

  1. The good, the bad, and the ugly, lol. Great news updates. I had to shake my head at some and laugh at others. The world is a strange place.


  2. Regarding the “tax free” comment, as a hard working person for 35-40 years, I’d like to be able to receive a “decent” amount of money in my social security check each month. Like to also have that paltry January increase every year to match with what all those politicians give themselves from time to time ! Oh, by the way, the american taxpayers don’t have a say to THAT practice either !!!


    • Been a long time on the COLA but of course, we cannot “vote ourselves” a raise. This new fiscal cliff thing they are talking about will stiff us about $1300 more per year as I understand it. Guess the govt. needs another aircraft carrier to advance the cause of freedom and democracy in the world.



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