Pissin On Oklahoma

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Every now and then I come onto the Internet and I run across something quite by accident that makes me really wish that I lived somewhere else.  Such is the case this weekend, some dumb cop in Piedmont, Oklahoma, wrote a ticket to a toddler’s mother for the kid urinating in their front yard.

Piedmont, Oklahoma, is a little bedroom community of Oklahoma City just north of the city out on the prairie.  Its most noted distinction is every now and then God comes thru there and wipes the slate clean with a tornado or two.

When you read stuff like this, it all kind of makes sense.

The child, who is three by the way, was observed by a police officer urinating in the front yard.  So he drives over, demands ID (from the mother, I suppose, I understand the kid was not responding) and then writes her a $2,500.00 ticket!


Meanwhile crackheads, child molesters, rapists, car jackers and what have you, walk the streets with impunity.  Welcome to Piedmont, Oklahoma, please set your watch back fifty years.

Over the weekend I made a trip to town and I noticed this sign.  Kind of made me wonder what is going on and all?  Not totally out of the game, I do realize that the country is changing and all that.  We now have people who were not even born here, serving in Congress, and they are being sworn in without the Bible (this in a country who prints In God We Trust on their currency) and other foreign texts.  I also noted that Burger King is now selling the “Angry Whopper.”

It wasn’t all that long ago, they were running commercials that stated “that you could have it your way at Burger King.”  Now it flat out says something different.  “I would like a Angry-What-A-Burger and I want it my way.”

The little cheeky thing working behind the counter, looks you right in the eye and then replies ….. “NO!”

Perhaps that is the Angry Whopper?

Saw a deal on the news this weekend and it was showing statistic’s on the recent elections.  In one instance, well actually it was three instances of a dead man winning the seat that he was running for.  Can you imagine the embarrassment of a Wanna-be Congressman, running for office against a dead man and then losing?  Man that has to suck.

The same newscast pointed out that out of 24 possible candidates, something like 22 of them were returning to Washington, DC having successfully ran campaigns to get re-elected.

Kind of vindicates me, I have been saying for years, that they (the voters) always send the same tired bunch of clowns back up there instead of putting in some new blood.

But all is not lost, the girls are doing better.

We now have a lot more lesbians, immigrants, even a Harvard Law Professor sprinkled in here and there.  Lot of new female ladies in this latest batch of political hopefuls.  (And I use that word loosely)

Might as well give The Sisters a shot at it, they cannot do it any worse than the men did, which we all know was really ______ up.

(Insert expletive of your choice here)


Sisters Doin It for themselves.

5 thoughts on “Pissin On Oklahoma

  1. “Common sense is like deodorant” Amen Sir! Amen!


  2. Sorry, just catching up today… loved this post… and I’m with Angry on the common sense sign!


  3. Out here in the Left Coast state, your story of the little guy doing his “thang” on his own property brings back memories of the ridiculous stories I’ve read over the years ’bout little guys ‘n gals being threatened, and told to stop selling their cold drinks on the sidewalks of where ever they might be at the time.
    I remember reading about a little girl and her two friends who lived in Castro Valley, CA that were approached by the City and were told that what they were doing was illegal as THEY HAD NO PERMIT from the city to do what they were doing ! When the parents complained about the obvious, they were told if caught doing their selling of lemonade again, they would be faced with a $100 fine !
    Like you’ve posted, the criminals are left to lurk and scheme, the people with expired tags on their vehicles (probably with no insurance too) vagrants with their pitiful signs at intersections, etc. etc. are left alone to do what they do on a daily basis. Got to question ALOT of priorities of city and police forces ALL OVER the US of A.


  4. Would it make sense to have a Hindu take an oath on a Bible, a book that he/she does not consider holy? Can you require a Jew to take an oath on a Bible that contains the New Testament? Would a Christian feel compelled to honor an oath that he/she took on a Quran? Freedom of religion, I believe, lets a person take the oath on whatever text he/she considers holy.


    • https://ldsrr91.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/er1.jpeg

      I don’t think “any foreign born person” from anywhere should be allowed to hold office in Congress or the Presidency. That is how I feel about it. Bunch of Islamic folks moved into Dearborn Mich. and erected a Mosque, first they do is install loudspeakers all around the building and then seven times a day, call people to prayer.

      The non Islamic citizens in the neighborhood take them to court for disturbing the peace and the court rules that they have “freedom of religion” so therefore, they can continue. When clearly the majority of the people who are affected were against this, some judge allowed it to stand.

      That is bullshit.

      white house colors

      Your argument is solid and it makes sense, it is the system that is _____ up and seems to be getting worse and not better. Everything in this country is special interest anymore, and what worked for a long time just fine, is now being cast aside in the name of political correctness or some other tripe.

      Thanks for your reply James,



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