Thank A Vet

(A Politician is a guy who tells you war is necessary … And then he sends someone else off to fight it for him)

Bring ’em home, every last one of them.


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The lyric’s for the song can be found here.  ( Lyrics, Blake Shelton, Home, Warners Bros. Version )

6 thoughts on “Thank A Vet

  1. We would have a lot less wars, and they would be a lot shorter, if the people who wanted us to go to war were the first people to go. But as you say, they send somebody else and are never at risk themselves. With the technology that we have now, there should be no need to have people on the ground. We continue to waste resources and people in places where we are not wanted. Bring them home and let them man our borders instead of being far from home. U.S. Army Infantry, Vietnam 70-71, 13 & 1/2 months in the jungle and paddies. BTDT. (Been there, Done that.) :>) Sorry Don, couldn’t resist the translation and the smiley!


    • The last time I checked, I believe we had troops in 147 countries worldwide. Why? We still have boys in Korea and that was over 50 years ago. Let these people “police” their own populations, we don’t need to do it, nor do we need to impose our will (Democracy as we see it) on them. America’s foreign policy sucks and it should be at best curbed or done away with. I agree … bring every mother lovin’ one of them home (troops) and let the rest of the world take care of itself.

      You made some good comments Ed, thanks.

      My site does not allow smileys so it was mainly not noticeable and thanks to the Van Man, I now have a link to the Urban Slang dictionary, so I am not so much in the dark, but I still do not know how to send a text.



  2. Knew that Van had sent the link to the dictionary, i have never sent a text either……my phone is just a phone, nothing more.


    • They are doing the NRG today I suppose, first liar doesn’t stand a chance! I had them take the text off my phone, I was getting all of this useless stuff every month, and they add up after awhile. So I trotted down to the phone store and had them disable it.

      Now I cannot vote for my favorite hottie on X-Factor or American Idol.



  3. But then where do the corporations get to put their next stores so that the upper 1% can buy in at the bottom invest in the start up that has already been done here and sell high when they all know how it will end up. War is kind of like a time machine for them!…


    • There was an expression in the sixties that went … “War is good biz, invest your son.”

      Who gets the biggest slice of the pie Dave?

      Dept. of Defense.

      Thanks for your reply,



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