When The Last Star Burns Out

So here is the question of the day for all you do nothing political bozo’s:  “When the last star burns out, and there is nothing left but heaven, where are all you sorry lying Bastards going to hide?”

Usually I stay away from politic’s because of the fact, that in its simplest form, it is ugly, nasty, and downright dishonest.  That is how I see it.  This latest offering in the political arena in this country should be a shining example of just that.  We always re-elect the petty little thieves and appoint the great ones to the highest office.  As much as we all hope and believe that “things will change and they will get better” the realistic approach to all of this is …. It won’t.  New blood or not, it will be the same old circus.

We are not all drinking from the same cup and Democracy as we know  is dysfunctional, has been for a long time.

The sad part of this is if we only got 10% of what these idiots promise us, the majority of the population of this country would be just fine.  But it aint gonna happen.  We would not have to worry about going to heaven in our old age, we would have it right here on earth.

We need to get rid of the Electoral College in this country now.

We also need to have a ballot box that could be checked that reads:  “None Of The Above.”  I often feel like we would be in better hands if we had NO leadership at all.  When I was a kid my daddy told me, “anyone can be president.” and now, some fifty-five years later, I believe him.

There isn’t anyone in America who can cast an intelligent vote any more, I am throughly convinced of that.  I am sick of the entire system, we keep re-electing these Ya-Who’s who tell us ”they cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel,” so they just appropriate more money to buy more tunnel.  If these people were put in charge of the Mojave Desert, in six months, we would be out of sand.

Let’s face it folks, “politic’s is just too damn serious to be left up to politicians.”

Instead of giving them a key to Washington, we should possibly be sending someone up there to change all the locks.  I am sick of people massaging the vote from the poor people, while at the same time, they are sitting down to dine with the rich and promising them that they will protect each from the other.

We need to get rid of the Electoral college like I said.  Come up with some kind of decent form of voting, other countries in the world do not suffer thru what we endure every four years.  Set a period of campaigning before the elections, say 60-90 days and then that is it.  This crap of running for the office for a year or more should get tossed out the window.

Have all the Governors from each state come in once a year for thirty days and let them do the business that needs to be done.  The salary of a U.S.Congressman, versus the salary of governors vary from state to state but in the long run the savings would be immense.  In the end, we would still be money ahead, by getting rid of all congressional representatives and their lobbyist buddies.  They are as I see it a rag tag dysfunctional bunch of money grabbing thugs.

Under this proposal.  Lobbyists will have to work three times harder to gain access to “voting representatives.”  Money savings would be substantial.  Less government, something we have all heard of all our our lives but sadly will never see.

Stop all this public outcry for a constitutional amendment.  There will be no constitutional amendments, it takes a 2/3 majority, give it up, they will never vote themselves out of a good deal …. would you?

All these emailing idealistic and hopeless dreamers, screaming for amendments and pass this on, pass this on, should be located ran down and shot.

It Must Be Great To Be King

For everything else there is MasterCard.

President Barack Obama’s base salary is $400,000 a year. He also has access to a $150,000 expense account as well as a $100,000 tax free travel account and $20,000 entertainment budget. You on the other hand, have cable TV and get the bill.  It must be nice being King. So here is the question of the day for all you do nothing political bozo’s:  “When the last star burns out, and there is nothing left but heaven, where are all you sorry lying Bastards going to hide?”  I said that and I approved of every word.

See you in four years, that is, if the country is even still here.


Cartoon lifted from Mostly Bright Ideas  

6 thoughts on “When The Last Star Burns Out

  1. DS, I must say that I agree with all you’ve written here. I’m so tired of receiving political emails from those type of people that you’ve mentioned, that I’ve grown a blister on my “delete” finger on the computer.
    Just prior to, and then after Tuesday nite, I’d suggested to afew folk in my address list that they should check out just what the Electoral College is, and what it does. To go along with your statement of “none of the above” if more of the voting public took the time to see what happens to their “poplular vote” I truly believe a great deal of ’em would just stay home, which then would be the same as clicking on “none of the above” !
    I no sooner hit “send” to these people, then at roughly 5:48 PST on CNN a “talking head” came on a patiently explained what and how the Electoral College works. I wonder how many thousands of other folk around the country saw that explantion on CNN, and sadly just changed the channel going into a deep funk as to what their vote does or does not mean, let alone count for anything.
    Us West Coasters were presented with a law afew years back wherein the “talking heads” WERE NOT supposed to “predict” outcomes east of Denver, CO until a certain time, thereby allowing everybody west of the Rockies to still have a good feeling that their vote was gonna mean something. Well, I’m here to tell ya that those predictions on CNN started rolling in BEFORE 6pm PST ! So much for change, huh?


    • I grow more cynical with each passing day, I cannot help it. The morass that is known as politic’s or Democracy in this country, is at best, a farce. Your vote counts for nothing, you are not free by any stretch of the imagination, you are like it or not a slave to the government and nothing more.

      It is sad …. very, very sad. And I truly feel as if it will get even worse.



  2. I have to agree with everything you said here. It’s all so true and unlikely to change in the near future.


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