Weekly Rambler: I Believe

“I also believe she desperately wants to please me, and I the same, but we never seem to come to the same point at the same time.”

I believe … Roll that one around in your head for awhile, what does it conjure up, do you have an image?  To some it would mean a religious experience no doubt about it, to others, something quite the opposite.  

 For instance, “I believe I will have another drink.”

One of the great things about the Internet is the vast body of sites out there, where if one desires to live vicariously thru the lives of others, he/she can do just that.  I believe just because you put something up where others can read it, doesn’t necessarily make you a writer.  I believe I can sit in my shop for hours on end, but that doesn’t make me a bus.

I read where someone “believes they have the answer to the political dilemma” facing our country, and I clearly see that they do not have a clue.  I believe I can buy top of the line brand items at greatly reduced prices.  

 Which most of the time I believe is BS.  

I believe there is a cure for Cancer, but it will never be implemented, at least not in my lifetime, because there is just too much money to be made by treating it instead of curing the disease.  I believe that a lot of folks run for office, and they truly believe that they can go to Washington D.C. and contribute to the process and effect a change.

Sometimes during the waning hours of the day, the shank of the evening when the sun is setting long and hard on the horizon, I think about my life.  Sitting there in my chair, at peace with my world.  I believe I could have done it a lot differently.  I also believe if given the chance, I would do it all over.

Most folks I believe start out with the best of intentions, but somewhere along the way, something goes a little haywire and it all starts to unravel.  I believe money is the biggest problem in a marriage, not what goes on in the bedroom, late at night, when all the shades are down and the dim light reveals the true beauty of the bride.  

I believe a small well clipped bush is better than a shaved mound.  I also believe she desperately wants to please me, and I the same, but we never seem to come to the same point at the same time.  I also believe that the female is the most frustrated of the two sexes.

I believe all the cheese in the center of the pizza and the heavy doses of greasy meat are worse than the thick crust.  I believe that because of age, a diet heavy in these items, no exercise, that I have become friends with my fat.  I also believe that I will never be thin or skinny again, but I make up for it with my tremendous personality and my personal charm.

I believe that loving a woman, is fun, that she is a wonderful thing.  I believe that a soft kiss on the neck and the words “You are so beautiful” are better than grabbin the cheeks of her rear or brushing a hand across her breast.  I believe in the early morning hours, lying next to her, that her scent is nothing short of next to heaven for the senses.

I believe in love … buying what little kids are selling at the curb … gasoline should cost WAY LESS THAN IT DOES … no matter how hard I try to be nice to folks, I will occasionally run across what I consider to be a real prick.

 What you believe in depends on you.  

Most importantly, things are going to go wrong in your life, no matter what it is that you say or do, it is therefore a good choice for you to “believe in yourself, no matter what.

You need to believe that you are special, and that you can do what it is that you set out to do.  If you cannot find time to believe in yourself, you will have a hard time hustling up anyone else to get onboard and travel thru life with you.  

 And that is kind of sad, don’t you agree?

Having said all that, I believe it is time for me to close.