4 thoughts on “Don’t Wait Too Long

  1. Really, really don’t understand these type of folk. Right up there with the tornado, lightning, and hurricane chasers. But after thinking about it, when we were kids jumping off a tree limb or whatever into a body of water gives one the same type of feeling I guess. But sooner or later as an adult, common sense has to take over huh? Well, maybe not for those “Walmart folk” eh?


    • When you look back upon the things that you did “when you were young and stupid” it is amazing that some of us ever made it this far. I have jumped off railroad bridges, flt deck of a carrier, done just about every stupid thing you can imagine.

      But to stand there, giggle and snicker when a huge avalanche is bearing down upon you? Well, that just isn’t cool man, not cool at all. I don’t get tornado chasers either, if you have been in one or seen one up close and personal, trust me, you don’t want to see another.

      Thanks for your comment Joey, have a great weekend.



  2. I’m with you BCO, the Good Lord gave us eyes to see it and a brain to tell us what to do. If you don’t use um, shame on you



    • Right now I am dealing with a no-brainer on BNO and he is quite the basket case. It must be rough, going thru life and not having a \@#$%? clue.

      Where did that come from?

      Have a great week Tom, don’t work too hard.



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