Chill In The Air

Cold front came roaring in here yesterday, I don’t know where that wind had been, but I know it had blown across some snow.  I just aint ready for it, no sir.   Soon there will be frost on the pumpkin and another log to be thrown on the fire, as I said before, I am definitely not ready. 

Last week was a pretty good week, all in all.  Most of it was pleasant and positive in nature, and that always helps. Had a couple of winning tickets on the lottery, in case anyone is wondering?  I bought an electric dog polisher and some fur lined slippers.

Did get some pretty negative stuff over a couple days about mid-week, but it wasn’t anything that could not be handled. Especially if you are a kind, generous, and the wonderfully sensitive guy like I is …. Heh.  My over the air Internet wire service is screwing up and the tech is coming by to fix it today, climbing up on the roof in this bone chilling cold to tweak it a little. Please do not be offended if I do not stand around and watch you do your magic.  

A few detractors checked in, but they did not get an audience.  I call them “non-fans” but that is no big deal either. IA long week, some of it good and some of it, not so good.  Things in general seem to be lining up for me, and the mourning period on the loss of a friend, has gotten a little better.  I am a fortunate pilgrim indeed.  Time heals all wounds, and there is a sprinkling of truth there in that statement for sure.

On the downside (there is always a downside), I hate answering negative emails, and they drive me up the proverbial wall. Two in particular really have been weighing heavily on my mind. They addressed the loss of a long time friend, and another was a spouse, these are the types of emails I just cannot bear to answer. Personally I am not geared for something like that.

Interesting week … It would be nice to receive something uplifting and positive in nature every now and then, something like: No two snowflakes are exactly alike. All snowflakes start out the same: as a hexagonal crystal formed on a single particle of dust. As it falls through a cloud, the flake begins to change shape dramatically from the cold and moisture inside the cloud, building on itself in a complex pattern. The only way you could have two identical snowflakes would be if they followed the exact same pattern as they fell through the sky … which they don’t.  It is the same with people.

No two people are exactly the same.

You are totally unique and different from all those folks who surround you each day.

What makes you special is:

When I am around you, I feel more intellectually challenged. Thank you for that. When I am around you I come alive, feel inspired, and have fun. You have that uncanny characteristic that just naturally seems to bring about the best in people; those who you come in contact with definitely are rewarded by your presence. Thanks for having such a great impact on me.

Next time you get a “downer email” send something positive and uplifting back … Something simple and to the point … Just tell ‘em …. “Thank You for being so dog-gone special” ….. Yeah that would be okay, that would be just fine.  Life …. What happens when you are not looking.  

Have a great weekend (or at least shoot for it), and we will see you all on Monday.


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