Hard Row To Hoe

Life is what happens when you are not paying attention.  Don’t cry over the past.  It’s gone.  Don’t stress about the future, it has not arrived.  Live in the present and make it beautiful.  

This year has been especially trying for me, it has for lack of a better word, been a miserable sort of year.  Everything that could possibly go wrong, it seems has.  Last week a friend of mine took a pistol and killed two of his neighbors and is now incarcerated and awaiting trial.  For all intents, Martin’s life is now over, only thing remaining is the sentence or the punishment   

This year, I have attended more funerals than weddings.

This week, I have learned another hard lesson in life. 

All of us, in our day to day workin’s take far too much for granted.  

Unfortunately a close friend passed this week (Tuesday) and I am having a real hard time dealing with that.  It is hard to imagine that you will never again hear their voice, that their actions and mannerisms will not light up your face and make you smile, you will never hear their raucous laugh.  You look for them even though they are gone … The week started off with promise, a holiday.  And then it sort of went south for me, it unraveled.

The only thing in this life that never takes a holiday is death.  

I now find a huge hole in my life and do not know how to fill it.  

Right now I am dealing with some very real heavy duty depression and acute sadness.  All this means, I am wrestling with some weighty issues, and it is going to take some time for what has recently transpired to heal or go away.  

In order to deal with this, I am going to have to find something that has meaning in my life, that gives me time for work and not so much time for reflective thought, and I need to immerse myself in it.  Creative Endeavors has always given you a little taste of the sweet and some of the sour … A little salt and a little spice … A little of the sublime and some of the outrageous or ridiculous.  

Presently I feel I have to take some time away from it and I have shut it all down.    

This is what I do know, its going to be a long hard row to hoe.  It might take a little time to rebound and get back in the groove … That is the plan.  It ain’t much of a plan, but baby, it is the best I got.  

If I miss a day here and there, or if you do not feel that the daily offering was not all that uplifting after reading the page.  

You now know why.


Photo courtesy of Tau Zero

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