Ever Have One Of Those Days

Take a moment out of your day to stop and consider where you are, where you live, and what the alternatives in life might be, if you were not where you are now.  Check out these photo’s lifted from Steve McCurry’s wordpress blog.


Something spectacular and very special to show your another perspective of life on the planet.


One thought on “Ever Have One Of Those Days

  1. Email Comment on One Of Those Days:

    “When you go through them do you consider that concerns about the price of diesel all of a sudden seem less important?

    Every now and then we need to see photos like that to really appreciate all we have. Here comes my cruel observation…….we as a society have people who bitch and complain because they feel entitled to take money from you and me so they can get another tattoo or smokes or a lottery ticket when all they need to do is get off their asses and work. The folks in the photos have no opportunity whatsoever to improve their lives because of where they live.”

    I could not agree with you more, thanks for commenting.



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