Bad News In River City

Some idiot in Florida (who would have guessed this?) has died from eating cockroaches in some kind of off the wall contest.  Now who in their right mind would do such an idiotic thing like that?  And then I came across this item and the information contained there was quite disturbing.  Then if you look further down the page you will find:

A computer mouse up your rear, now I bet that was amusing in the ER.  “Well son, do you want to remove it or just change out the batteries?”  And folks wonder why I don’t like the news, why I seem to be cranky and out of sorts, always in a bad mood.

 Wait, it gets better.

After pouring myself a cup of luke warm coffee.  I walked in here this morning, sat down in the chair and opened up my email, right across the top of my email-webpage was the statement “You have been unfriended by three people.”  Immediately I thought to myself, “What is wrong with this picture?”

 You see, I didn’t know I had any friends.

And to be un-friended on Facebook, when you have NEVER opened a Facebook account, well that is something.  Now on a certain bus board, I am currently being ignored by four people, I don’t know if that is the same as being unfriended or not.

 There was a time when I came really close to the saying un-friended.

One particular Mail Call while in the service comes quickly to mind.  I received a letter from my girlfriend when I was in Viet Nam and I was pretty sure after reading that, she had unfriended me.  Some folks call it a Dear John, but it sure as hell had my name on it.

There I sat, some 19,000 miles away from home, occupying a small corner of the flight deck, all forlorn, rejected and very much alone.  It was if I had lost my best friend in life.  As I read each word, my soul ached and all I could think of towards the end of the dirge was … I wonder if the chow hall is open right now, I sure could use a good cup of coffee.

Here is the bottom line boys & girls.  What you feed your mind or your soul, will eventually poison your mind and spirit … A steady diet of negative news is not a healthy attitude in life.  Take a lesson from nature … You can find it here.


One thought on “Bad News In River City

  1. Ah yes, those two words: negative news. It’s why I stopped reading the “daily rag” in our town. When one has to go clear to page eight to read a snippet of news ’bout 4H Club kids and their ribbons that they’ve won, or the latest church group that has done yet ANOTHER clean-up somewhere in our city, like you’ve stated DS, it just drags your spirits down.
    Viewing the nightly local news is just as bad as the young guys ‘n gals competing for “face time” on the camera has not changed one bit (remember the movie Network?) They all read that teleprompter with all the gusto and flair of a street lamp post !


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