Guitar Hero

What I wouldn’t give to be a talented person such as this.  If you like guitar, then you will love this video.  A Baby Boomers Day Tripper thru time.  Turn it on, crank up the speakers, and wait for the end.  You will not be disappointed.  (This is for Big Al in KC and Joey on the left-coast — enjoy)


2 thoughts on “Guitar Hero

  1. It’s nice that a guy like this has a little somethin’ for everybody ! He’s certainly no Jimi Hendrix, nor a Van Halen, but what the hell, if he’s not “seen” the average music lover would not know the difference !
    Thanks, I enjoyed the whole 10 minutes plus !!!


    • Sure is getting the hits, the last time we hit this level was on September 18th last month, and the people are certainly viewing it and talking it around.

      I sure got a kick out of it myself.



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