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Oh My Gosh …

A friend of mine, she uses that saying or expression a lot, as a matter of fact, a great deal.  “Oh my gosh,” is her favorite word of description for just about everything.  She will drop something in the kitchen and she will exclaim “Oh my gosh.”

Now when I do that I usually exclaim “Oh shoot” (which is the other word really … only that one doesn’t have two o’s and you spell it differently.)


It is her blanket endorsement of everything from Thermal Nuclear War to the torn hangnail on her ring finger straight down from thumb on her left hand … “OMG”  Curious word phrase, it can apply to just about anything, if you stop and think about it.

  • You win the lottery, there before you, the five winning numbers you have searched for, and the bonus number on top of that … “OMG”
  • You get the bill from the I.R.S. on your winnings … Uh huh … “OMG”
  • The end of the stick turns blue …. “OMG.” (It is a female thing guys)
  • Yes, I am washing my face with Dial soap … “OMG!”
  • Running hard and fast thru the Oklahoma Panhandle, and you pass one of the many hog farms that dot the landscape.  Your wife turns, gives you “the look” and then exclaims … “Oh my gosh!” (Hog farms smell horrible in case you didn’t know or have never been around one)
  • Stumbling in the dark, you nail your big toe on a chair … “OMG.”
  • (On some days it doesn’t pay to get out of bed, trust me)
  • One time on a lonely stretch of highway in Utah, just a little north of a small town named Moab.  I noticed a great deal of what appeared to be steam or smoke coming out of the back of the bus.  Pulling over in the first wide spot I could find, I walked back and opened the hood, and there was my piston, sort of lying there, like a dead animal of sorts, halfway out the side of the engine.
  • At that point …. I thought to myself ….. “This is really ungood man.”
  • (Got you there, didn’t I?)

Now my Mother her favorite expression was “Oh my Gawd.”   But Dad he was different when it came to me, what my Dad thought, well let’s just say that this is somewhat of a family site, so his primary response is not printable.

If you have hung around this long, there is one more.  (There is always one more)

All the Media Talking Heads this morning, they are saying that we have a distinct possibility of re-electing a lame duck president and the guy in there now could possibly win a second term to the highest office in the land.

All I could think of was …… “What the hell?”

(But we probably spell it differently)

See you at the water-cooler.


2 thoughts on “Take Your Pick

  1. The wife and I just viewed this and I’m laughing so hard now, it’s hard to type this to the post !!! The second pic of the little white dog reminds us of our late cat Sami who we’d lost in June this year. He’d do the same as this dog, and in the last picture too, except Sami didn’t run into the wall !!!
    Used to read up on alot of animal behavior traits and just laugh my head off at the so called “experts” that say animals feel no love, nor can they dream !!! I’ve seen my share of animal “love” pics, and what you’ve posted here DS just proves MY thoughts that animals do in fact dream !


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