Don’t Let Life Drag You Down

“Here is another thing that amazes me, we go to a bus meet somewhere, a place that folks have spent a great sum of money to attend, to socialize and unwind with old-new friends, and they walk around with a cellphone plastered to their ear.” 

Starting to cool off here, which is good and bad.  It is good, because we all do not do well under extreme heat conditions and we can use the new change of pace.  It is bad, because as the weather changes, my old friend Arthur (Arthritis) shows up and the carpal kicks in, this time of the year, isn’t all that pleasant for me.  Today is my last day of being 64 tomorrow at 9:15 P.M. I will officially become a certified Old Geezer …. A crazy Old Coot … and of course that is bad.

Just another thing to cope with.  One more short chord unravels from the fabric of life, and we move on.  Short days, long nights, a cup of good hot cider in the morning, with a twist of cinnamon.

 I suppose I am doing okay.

Last month, I went off on a trip and left my cellphone on the kitchen cabinet, one of the best five days of the year.  Not one time was I bothered with the excited ring of the electronic device in my pocket.  Nor was I woke up from a nap by something buzzing and rattling in my pants.  Which at my age, believe me, is a totally unfamiliar feeling and somewhat of a surprise!  Now here is a handy holder for your phone girls, set it on vibrate and go for it!

Here is another thing that amazes me, we go to a bus meet somewhere, a place that folks have spent a great sum of money to attend, to socialize and unwind with old-new friends, and they walk around with a cellphone plastered to their ear.  I am sure glad I do not have to endure something along those lines these days.  It is nice to not have to worry about a phone, dress for success or suck up to some no good ______ that has the title of “Boss.”

 What else can we talk about this frosty morning where the dew is lying heavy upon the pumpkin?

How about this …. When is a fee a tax?  I was thinking about all of these little incidentals they tack on us to pay and how they just change the name of it to reflect something other than what it really is.  Oklahoma has developed a policy of taxing you without really taxing you.  For instance, “You have to provide them with a piece of paper stating you have insurance on your car, before they will issue you a tag.”  No big deal.  But at the same time, they CHARGE YOU A FEE OF $1.50 to provide them with the slip of paper that they asked for.

This fee never goes away … That my friends, is a tax.

I can name at least a handful that I know of, but as I am terminally afflicted this week with a case of the bad mood syndrome, I will spare you the diatribe.  Which has brought me to this juncture in the road.

Did you know that not doing something is one side of finding success?  Here is how you do it:

  • Never let the bottom line be the bottom line.
  • Never pretend things are ok when they aren’t.
  • Never let what you’ve never done be the reason not to try.
  • Never get ahead by resenting those who get ahead.
  • Never let those who aren’t doing something prevent you for doing something.
  • Never do on the road what you wouldn’t do at home rather vigorously
  • And of course, a little good old fashioned team-work from a friend can always help.

Here is one that I found quite interesting, it was in the mailbox this past week.

Early this year, some Boeing employees working on the line decided to steal a life raft from one of the 747s.  They were successful in getting it out of the plane and out the front gate past security and eventually home.

Shortly after they took it for a float on the river, they noticed a Coast Guard helicopter coming toward them.  It turned out that the chopper was homing in on the emergency locator beacon that activated when the raft was inflated.  They are no longer employed at Boeing.

My company the Santa Fe Railroad (now the BNSF) got a 10% tax-dodge each year for employee theft from the I.R.S. which I never thought was fair.  Fortunately for me, a locomotive weighs in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million pounds and is much longer than my driveway.

Well I just heard the familiar electronic “ding” on the coffee pot, time for you guys to go your way and I will go mine.  It is time for me to pour out some Joe in my old worn, cracked and chipped cup, head over to CNN or USA Today so I can see what the Political Bozo’s said during the debates last-night.

I did not personally watch any of it, like I told the wife when she asked if we were going to check it out …. I just said …. “Naw, they have lied to me before.”


4 thoughts on “Don’t Let Life Drag You Down

  1. For your carpal, try taking Lecithin. I take it twice a day, 1200 mg. Been doing it for close to 20 years now. Without it i would have had to have the surgery again. Once or twice when i ran out of it for a week or two before getting more, i could feel it coming back. Doesn’t work for everyone but works for me. As for taxes, years ago in Wa. i was renewing my car tabs and while waiting in line i was looking at all of the fees/taxes i was paying. There were about 9 different things listed on my renewal form and at the very bottom was “other tax, $1.00”. When i was paying i asked the clerk what the “other tax” was and she didn’t know, so i said that they just wanted to gouge us for an extra buck but didn’t know what to call it? She said “i guess so”. People behind me heard all of this and got a laugh out of it.


    • Hey thanks for the tip, currently I am using Alieve (sp) for it and it seems to be working, just hate to be dependent on another pharmaceutical to do the job.

      As for the “other tax” it is kind of like article #122 in the military code (USMJ), “this article shall cover any articles not covered by the other #121.” The numbers might be wrong, but you get the gist of it. It was in there.

      We are all now officially slaves and we all work for the same govt.



  2. The wife and I decided at the last second to watch what turned out to be (in my opinion) a boring, long winded, monolog, that was allowed ’cause the over-matched “ol geezer” of a moderator could not contain them within their two minute time limits !!!
    Told the wife that I’d only be interested in the “talking heads” at the end of that 90 minutes that I’ll NEVER get back, had to say. YETHSIR ! The “facts/fiction” thingy really interested the wife, ’cause all along she’s been made to believe (like millions of others) that Romney is wrong and BO is right. NOT SO FAST, says the “talking heads” and this a.m the TV “talking heads” added more fuel to the fire.
    Um, to answer your next question/thought; no, I’m not gonna watch anymore debates. Like you, since the LBJ times, I’ve been lied to one too many times !!!


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