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SOMETHING FOR NOTHING:  Listen, I am getting tired of all these convenience store clerks who sell me a losing lottery ticket demanding a tip for doing so.  I mean, it is rather rude, in my way of looking at it.  What is it that makes someone think that they are entitled to your winnings, simply for selling you a ticket.

Look at it from this perspective, “You are not sharing in the loss of funds that were put forth to finally win a sum of money.”  What makes you think that I am going to cheerfully refund any of it to you, when you did nothing to begin with, but provide me a service of your job which I paid for.

Everywhere I go these days, I see these Mickey Mouse tip jars on the counter.

People soliciting tips for nothing more than waiting on you, it has reached a point where it is rather ridiculous to say the least.  Forget it.  I am not tipping you for doing what you are hired to do.

HARD PRESSED IN MICHIGAN:  People will do just about anything for money these days.  I read where a 19 year old girl in Michigan put her adorable “2 year old cousin” up for sale on eBay for $1,000.  When police showed up, she said, “All I was trying to do was see how it all worked.”

Uh huh, sure.

GRAY DOGS AND BAD MEDICINE:  I turn 65 years old this week (Friday) and it is a milestone in my life I suppose.  None of us ever expect to reach the years we have attained.  With advancing age also comes benefits such as Medicare.  For months I have been barraged with offers of plans that will cover what Medicare will NOT cover and it is all rather confusing.

One thing that I find especially disturbing about all this is being “forced to join.”

In my mailbox recently I found a terse message that told me that my retirement was going to be accessed $99 a month for Medicare costs.  No choice in the matter, just a matter of fact statement, “you now will have a $100 less to live on each month, because WE have enrolled you in Medicare.”

America … Home of the brave and of course … Land Of The Free.

Yeah?  My ass.

The choice should be mine, not theirs.  And I am not happy about it, but what can I do?  Please check the box marked:  Not much

HERE IS A HAIRY TALE:  A sophisticated thief stole $150K worth of hair from a salon in Houston that specializes in expensive wigs.  Knowing full well what it was that he wanted, he passed over the cash registers, and the cheap knock off hair, and went for the real deal.

There appears to be a special kind of hair, very expensive, taken from Indian Women called Remy hair, which is the most durable and the expensive kind.  Human hair has become a hot commodity on the black market, racking up huge six figure profits for the thieves.  In Dearborn, Mich., the owner of a beauty-supply was killed by a gunman, who stole something like $10K of the material.

Fortunately for me, being folic-ally challenged, I have only eight hairs to worry about.  The two long ones on top, the other six growing out of my nose and ears.

WHAT THE @@#!!**?  Yesterday’s front page headline in our paper read:  “America Races Towards Energy Independence.”  Which got me to thinking, it wasn’t all that long ago when we were being told that we were running out of it (fossil fuels) and that soon it would be the end of the line.

That was at one buck a gallon.

Now that motor-fuel is three times that amount, almost four dollars per gallon, we have plenty of it, so much in fact, we are poised to be the third largest exporter of oil in the world.  Amazing what a little creative thinking will do isn’t it?

Middle-class families may have gotten some relief in the second quarter of 2012 due to slightly lower gasoline prices compared to the first quarter of the year, but billions of dollars in big profits continue to pile up at the Big Oil companies.  The headline should have read:  Big 5 Oil Companies Going for the Gold … Second-Quarter Earnings Race Ahead, Boosted by Tax Breaks.   

This would have been of course, more honest and to the point.

This is why the Daily Oklahoman was rated one of the worst newspapers in the nation by the Columbia School of Journalism.  They have a profound tendency to miss the point by something like a country mile most of the time.


  • This weekend I put $230 worth of fuel in my vehicles, and they sit on the drive, all of them 3/4 full, this doesn’t include the lawnmower gas which was five gallons.
  • I find I am now required to enroll in a Medical Program run by the government with no apparent choice in the matter to the tune of a hundred a month (without supplemental).
  • Yesterday while at WalMart we saw a Mexican family buy a whole cart full of groceries, and they paid with some kind of voucher, receiving no change in the transaction.  Then immediately after that, they purchased non-food items and paid with a brand new $100 bill and got back $51.40.
  • Everywhere I go some bozo has a jar on the counter and wants a tip.

And here is the amazing part …. A lot of folks actually wonder why it is that I am cranky and want to vote all of them out.  I am sure that, like myself, most of you are wondering too.  “When do we get our free stuff, where is our tax break incentive, how come our tip jars are empty?”

If you figure it out, please let me know.


Cartoon courtesy of AmericanProgress.org … Motivational posters: Motivateusnot.com

4 thoughts on “Up On My Soapbox …

  1. Always an amusing read.

    It doesn’t matter which government we have, the opposition always seems to offer the solutions, except that they don’t really have any either.


  2. Okie I paid @2600 per mo for health ins for my wife and me. After i turned 65 I got medicare and a supplemnent total for med a and b plus f plus supplement is 300 plus and now miy wife is same or 600 per mo for the two of us before I also had copay of 35 to 50 plus copay on presc and large deductible
    Now no copay to dr and small copay on presc. Now I get screwed by the donut hole every year..
    It is amazing how much they discount the med providers

    The only good thing about over 65 is cheaper medical my diabetes is a financial disaster and a physical killler . not good at all. but better than the alternative.

    Be proud you only pay 99 instead of 300 Listen for the whistle of the next train that passes by You should be thankful you had one of the highest paid working man’s jobs . and benefits.. You are blessed.

    Sorry for disrupting your blog


    • Hey glad you stopped by Larry.

      At the very worst, we were paying about $960 per month for the two of us, but on my retirement and her wages, it was too much. We then paid for hers, about $400 per month and I went on the VA. This $100 per month does not include a supplemental plan to cover what Medicade will not cover, so it will be around $400 per month or maybe a little less times two … Anyway you slice it, it is going to cost us money.

      My main complaint was that I was not offered the plan, I was FORCED ONTO IT which I don’t believe should have been right. I should have had the option of joining or not joining. That is how I see it. Kind of like, we are short of Democrats, you are now a Democrat or vice-a-versa.

      As for the RR and my good job, that is a given. Not many jobs out there like that anymore. But you also have to remember with the good pay came long hours, constant trips and days away from home and family, and it was dangerous work. There is a trade off for everything in life.

      Thanks for stoppin by and you did not upset the apple cart in the least, comments are what makes it all interesting, jump in there any time you wish.



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