Keeping It Real

Some of you might have been wondering where I have been.  It has been somewhat hectic around here for three or four days and I am just now getting back into the swing of things.  At the beginning of the now long gone weekend (that passed much too quickly) I sat on my glasses.  I didn’t mean to do this, and no, “I was not wearing them on my …. “ well, this understandably messed things up in my world.

Don’t you just hate it when that happens.

You never know how much you miss things, until you sit on them, break them, and lose the use of the much needed item.  Having been wearing these helpers for the last twenty some odd years, I am a total loss without them.

Too many birthdays I guess.

Then my bride got sick and we had to make a trip to the ER and that was kind of un-nerving for me personally.  I spent five hours in the hospital with a majority of folks who do not speak English (speaking Spanish which to me is just noise) and that did not help matters.

One thing I discovered, it takes literally hours to get in to see a doctor when you go to the ER.  (Unless of course, you have chest pains.)  We had not been in the actual trauma room twenty minutes when they showed up with a clipboard and pen wanting “financial information” and were worrying about whether or not they were going to get paid.

Asked me several times about swiping my credit card and insisting that I do it “their way.”  I just told them to bill me, they had the address, and all the information they were going to get and left it at that.

This eye opening moment in time proved to me one thing.

I am just going to love Obama care and socialized medicine, I can already feel it.

Here is something I found amusing.  California Lottery Officials recently instituted a new policy of video taping winners or people who buy winning tickets on their lottery game.  A man in Fremont, California, bought a $52 million dollar winning ticket on the lottery, and sat on the ticket for thirty days. (All the time not knowing it was a winning ticket)

Now some winners have been known to sit on a ticket, waiting for the dust to settle or for the media to calm down, but this guy, he didn’t have a clue.

For thirty days he was worth well over $52 million and did not know it.  They even have him on video, checking the ticket “three times” for winners.  He finally discovers he has the winning ticket by viewing a website for unclaimed winning tickets and saw his “video” on the site and then it became apparent to him that he was a winner  (most likely said something like, “Hey … I gotta T-Shirt like that!).

Some people are just a little thick I suppose, believe it or not, there are those walking around amongst us, who flat out just do not get it.

While we are on the subject of winners and such.  Donald Lawson the recent Powerball winner in Mich., intends to do the typical lottery-winner stuff: Retire, take care of his family, travel, get a new place to live.

In his words, “He is going to keep it real.

(Uh huh sure)

Recently he quit a good job as a Railroad Engineer “because he did not want to work nights.”  And said that when he bought the winning $220+ million dollar ticket he was “told to get in line by a voice on high and that something guided his hand to choose the winning numbers.”

Sort of like the guy who was walking down the street and he would look up and say out loud, “Lord, let me win the Powerball.”  And the next day, “Lord just give me five good numbers.”  And on the third day, “Lord, if you let me win it all, I will give you 15% of everything.”

And the heaven’s opened up and a voice boomed down …. “GIVE ME A BREAK … BUY A TICKET!”

This week, Irrational or not, millions will sit around their TV and computer screens Wednesday night, praying that the six numbers they’re clutching will appear.  They’re optimistic that the fairy-tale ending they’ve been waiting for will come, even if it takes a little magic.

And then there are the others … who just walk thru life without a _________ clue.  You know who I am talking about here, dontcha? …. Here is a little hint …. “Please scan your ticket AGAIN it could be worth millions of dollars.”