Mixed Signals

“Social Commentary is of course, not always what it is cracked up to be.”

This week I received an email that said, “I had to read that thing three times before I got it!” and the writer went on to say how much he did not get it.  That is the way it is with real life.  Real life always makes you think about it, doesn’t it?

Please note I said, “it makes you think about it” and of course, I did not say “you had to believe it.”  (Most of the time, I don’t get it myself)

Seven in the morning, here I sit, wading thru the clutter.  So far, my world is a gentle blur of thoughts and idea’s, of which, most seem to be, not really panning out.  Some days are often just like that.  This morning I am thinking about the word “Social Commentary” it seems to qualify as some kind of new buzz word in our Lexicon.

My entire understanding of the world (my world, not yours) is based on my thoughts, which are generated by my emotions, which are generated by …. well, I guess by stuff that happens to me.  At that point, or at least, at some point in the journey, I comment on it.

Look it in the concept of a huge mental filter.  I weigh my options, I look over each and every emotion, event, and then make my decisions.  Which is most likely, what you do too.  Probably since we were infants, none of us have directly perceived the world we live in.  First off, you need to remember, you need to know how to perceive something, this is important.

Back in the sixties, it was called “really into it” or “getting into it.”  Today it is “wrapping your head around it.”  I suppose this infers to mean to be totally with that thing, as opposed to observing and thinking about it. It’s a duality issue. Here’s me, here’s you. here’s me, here’s the sofa. Ya dig where this is going?

In my case, the sixties model works just fine.

Back in the day when we all were walking through life in a dream state that is, at best, a funhouse mirror-image of what was really out there.   Now days, it is a much different ballgame, you get all these mixed signals.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how “getting hit in the groin area of your body” on purpose translates into the term … Talent.  I am of course talking about the show America’s Got Talent on NBC.  Who is it that subjects us to this twice weekly dose of trash, what kind of moron is sitting at a desk in New York or California and dubbing this as entertainment?

I don’t understand that at all.

Here are a few more:  Hunting Wild Hogs in Texas, My Redneck Vacation, Good Prostrate Health for the 21st Century, Drug Wars, Shipping Wars, Storage Wars … Sexy hair, yeah sure.

Stop the world, I want off.

Yesterday I read where a rapist was petitioning the court system for “parental rights” on a girl back east.  I don’t understand that one, and most likely, the way things have been going here lately, the courts will proably grant it to him.

Has this country gone completely insane or is it just me?

I don’t understand if there is the huge glut of oil in the nation, so much now, that we are exporting it, then why is the cost of motor-fuel and diesel on the rise?  Why a graduating senior who used the word “hell” in her commencement speech was denied her diploma, when every comedian in the world is dropping the F-bomb daily on just about any channel on television.

And in the spirit of the late Henny Youngman … I don’t understand my wife …. She says to me “Hon, what would make you happy? and I reply, “Kiss me in a place I have never been kissed.”  And she gets that look on her face and says …. “Ft. Dodge Iowa?”

Thursday morning and I find myself on unfamilar ground … I am standing in the midst of a media forest of tree’s that I cannot see … I don’t understand that one, I don’t understand that one at all.  But then again … Social Commentary is of course, not always what it is cracked up to be.


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