2 thoughts on “The Gathering Storm

  1. In my early morning routine, I pour myself a cup of java, turn on the music channel that we like to listen to on DTV (no commercials !) then turn on the ‘ol computer. I finally make my way to your site to see what you’ve added for the day and so on. Also check to see how many other comments have been added to the old postings and all that.
    When I come across this’n, it just gives me a shiver. Don’t know why, but it sure the hell does ! I’m not a political nor religious person by any means, but to listen to various folk for the last few months as to the state of the US of A, three of these people in this picture seem to be doing their very best to add to the misery.
    I’m in the hopes that people with good faith, intelligence, and of course the right to vote, will sit down this time and REALLY go over all the facts; good, bad, or indifferent and come away with the feeling that when they do go to the polls, in the end a “change” in fact will happen for the best.


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