It Just Smelled Good

Old Man River.  The Mississippi River is now hitting historic low water levels because of the extended drought that is hitting the nation.  Barge traffic is down as operators have to load them 25% less than before or they go aground.  Some 30 barges have went aground this summer so far.  The river in some places is now one-way as Northbound barges have to wait on the Southbound traffic in order to navigate the once mighty river.

Good News/Bad News.  I now understand that Los Angeles is taking treated sewage water (affluent) and piping it some 15 miles upstream of the wells and injecting it back into the earth.  They say it takes a number of years for the water to reach the pumps and then enter back into the system.  While it is traveling this distance, it is being purified.

So the bad news is if you are visiting LA this summer, you most likely will be drinking treated sewage water.  Now for the good news … Most likely will not be enough of it to go around.

Now there are losers … And then again … There are losers.  A man who went into a police station in Pennsylvania stole a bag of marijuana off the counter.   He told police later on that “it just smelled so good” so he lifted it.  Can you imagine being locked up for that, and the big guy looks at you and says, “What are you in for?”  I would like to be there for that one.

And the winner is.  Someone walked into a little gas station 60 miles north of Detroit this week and bought the winning ticket on The Powerball, must be nice. The estimated profit of this adventure into lottery world will be about $241 million after taxes.  I sure hope that they can find it in their heart to donate a little of that to charity.

The lottery is fun isn’t it? It often reminds me of Keno in Laughlin, Nevada.  You sit back in those big ol’ soft chairs and they skin you. The first number is 36, the second number is 21, and here is another number …. YOU DON’T HAVE … Number five!  Two hundred and forty-one million dollars … Take a moment or two and allow that to gently roll off the tip of your tongue.

Everybody ….. ready?


(Man, if’n (Okie Talk) you was sick, that shore make you better, huh?)

That would be like what?  125 brand new Liberty Coaches with all the bells and whistles, you could have your own fleet of rolling luxury.  That would almost be tantamount to driving one new coach every day for six months or so.


I can actually remember when that kind of money was the budget for the year for some states in this nation, or perhaps the GNP of a small country located on the globe in a place most of us never heard of or could locate on a map.

You could load up the old forty-five footer with the Moped hanging off the back and drive the 1,500 miles to Maine for some lobstah, better yet, you could hire someone to drive your forty-five footer with the Moped hanging off the back to Maine for some seafood chow and sleep all the way, if’n (Okie Talk) you wanted to.

Things sure are changing, used to be a wish for a million dollars was something to wish for, now the jackpots are starting out at $40 million as if it were chump change or something like that.

Now a million dollars paid out in thousand dollar bills, piled on top of each other, would be about 4” tall.  Not bad.  A billion dollars, in thousand dollar bills would be approximately 63 miles high, and a trillion, that magical number the government likes to deal in, at one thousand dollar bills, would be a little over 63,000 miles high.

Yeah, I could use a little of that, for sure.

First thing I am gonna do is drive my old hoopie up there to Liberty Coach outside of Chicago and tell them I want one with all those electronic gizmo’s, slides and some of that Hawaiian Maui Wowie Teaky Wood, and an electric dog polisher.

The rest of it I guess I will just fart it off.

Have yourselves a good weekend, see you on Monday.


Cartoon courtesy of American and coach picture Liberty Coach, both linked.

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4 thoughts on “It Just Smelled Good

  1. Hi I am following your blog, and just now I put your blog on my list of blogs that I follow on my front page.That helps u get more visitors to your blog in at least a couple of ways. U might even think about doing the same for me? either way it is ok. come and visit mine sometime Have a great week, love your photo’s.


    • Thanks Brad, we do okay on the traffic, we do not promote other blogs or good reads (someone always gets left out) but we do from time to time, extend the courtesy of a link to a good article or something noteworthy on blogs other than this one.

      I was over on yours today looking around you are doing a good job.



  2. Hi BCO,
    Talking about these kind of numbers is all acedemic for me cause I will never see it, but where ever you got your numbers was using the British system and not the American system. It just don’t make me feel so bad about what them poly-tishins are doin. Anyhow, around here, a billion is a thousand million so a stack of thousand dollar bills would be four thousand inches or three hundred thirty three and a third feet. A trillion in the good ole US of A is a thousand billion so a stack of thousand dollar bills equal to a trillion dollars would be .63 miles high and a quadrillion dollars (I had to look that one up)worth of thousand dollar bills would be 63 miles high.
    I found this at

    “There are two systems in use for naming numbers larger than a million.

    In the American system, the Latin prefix refers to the number of groups of three zeros, not including the last group of three, which represents a thousand. Thus in the USA, a billion is 1,000,000,000 (109) and a quadrillion is a mere 1,000,000,000,000,000. (1015).
    In the British system, which is in use in the rest of the world, the Latin prefix represents the power of a million, thus a British billion is 1,000,000,000,000 (1012) and a British quadrillion is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1024).”

    Anyways, keep on keeping on. Good to see you back on BCM too!



    • Well Tom, you certainly covered it well there, thanks. This is the second time I have been called to task on this one, I guess I ought to stick with what works (flim flam) and leave the factual stuff up to other people.

      You know what they say? “If you cannot dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with bull.”

      I am not hanging out at BCM/BBS any more. I gave it up, it is too slow and it was driving me up the wall all the inane banter about everything BUT busing, so I checked out. I am trying very hard to wean myself off of bus boards altogether.

      On some days I have spent as long as five minutes waiting on something to load, and then it never loaded period. It is a monumental waste of time any more, so I have checked out.

      On a different note Tom. They are trying to get Bus Conversions Magazine (BCM) published again, said they might shoot for a September issue, I got an email on it the other day. Which might be okay, they bagged me on a two year sub. on that rag.



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