Mr. Fix-It

Well, well, the month is almost half over, time seems to be rushing by for some strange reason and I do not know why.  I also do not know why you have to pre-wash the pots, pans, and plates before you put them in the dishwasher.

I mean, “it is a dishwasher.”  Right?

Refrigerator quit yesterday, so I got the manual out of the drawer over by the toaster and started reading.  Always a pleasant endeavor on a quiet Monday afternoon.

In the course of my reading, I determined the cause of the shut down (refrigerator was set too close to the wall) and located the necessary steps in the book to fix the appliance.

Wife comes home and asks why the refrigerator is out in the middle of the room?

So I dutifully explain to her in detail what it is that I have learned this day, how it came to be, the whole nine yards.

Now I have to admit, I am feeling pretty full of myself at this point in the game, I have fixed a major appliance Foo-pah (Okie Technical Term) in the home, I am the King Of My Castle.

Please take into consideration that I have not been to appliance repair school nor am I graduate of any fix it university.  So after hearing all I had to offer on the subject, my bride looks at me and says, “My car is outta gas.”

I cannot catch a break.

The next thing you know she will be on my case about the old truck in the backyard.

If it isn’t one thing … It is another around here.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Fix-It

  1. Is that really inyour back yard ! thats a shame a panel too.


  2. Your choice in tackeling the “fridge” reminds me of my great challenge to “fix” the ice maker in our fridge.
    I rolled the thing away from the wall and saw that whoever set this thing up probably knew what he/she was doing as the water line from under the house and up to the “plastic” inlet to feed said ice maker was copper line.
    I checked to see if they were smart enough to have installed the off ‘n on tee that one is supposed to do in case of leaks, whathaveyou, and they’d done that. I twisted that little thing making sure that the water pressure was off and ran my air hose and blower up to the plastic line with a couple of quick blasts. I listened and heard the air release into the freezer compartment, so no blockage there says me !
    So, I hooked the copper line back up, turned the water back on and pushed the lever down to start the sequence of ice cube making. I heard the mechanical sound and all that but no water was entering the trays. Tried this several times to no avail and said the hell with it.
    When the bride came home, she asked “how’d it go honey?” And I repeated the story to her. Then she looks down at the floor and screams: “look what you’ve done to my floor!” When I did so, I realized that one of the little rubber thingys had come off one of the wheels, and the little metal teeth holding the rubber had made perfect little tracks in the linoleum !
    I make it very, very simple for the bride nowadays; unless it’s watering my beautiful rose trees, or washing her car, my answer to these type of projects is: “hire somebody to fix it”


    • You cannot win, as a matter of fact, I asked her not long ago, “Don’t you ever tire of being right all the time.” Her answer was no.

      What can I say?



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