Mellow Out

“Keep this on the Q.T. until we can get it up and running?”

Chill Out Dude:  Hard to believe, but it is has taken me literally a lifetime to learn how to mellow out, to not let the little things in life get to me.  Now it should be understood that I am not entirely successful at this practice, but I do try and get it right on a daily basis. 

Some days I win and on some days I do not.

Angry men studies have found are three times more likely to develop heart disease and six times more likely to suffer a heart attack before age 55.  Now I am never going to see 55 again, and I sure do not want any or part of that, so I try and stay cool.  Feeling that you’re constantly at war with idiots and villains gets your body stuck in the fight or at least in fight gear mode, a lot goes on during this process.

All of the hormones and toxins are released which raise your blood pressure and eats away at your vitals.  I figure the absolute best revenge on all these people that steal my joy in life, is just to ignore them and find my happy place.  No matter how hard they try, they cannot take that away from me.

The happiest people it seems work for the government.  Hard to believe.  Public servants as they used to be called (we all know different now, don’t we?) found more happiness in life.  The least happy employees work in agriculture, mining, internet firms and the media.

Might be because “they don’t have to do anything all day long?”

Curious Minds Want To Know:  A Florida bar denied transgender customers discount drinks on Ladies Night.  A lady, who was born male, said she and three transgender friends were told by a bouncer at the Florida bar that they didn’t qualify or Ladies Night “because you’re dudes.”  The bar has since apologized vowing to be a premier nightlife destination for everyone.  Now I guess my basic question here would be, “if they were born male, then how did the bouncer know this, if they were indeed dressed like women?”

Stop Whining:  All these largely middle class people that want the 1% to cough up their riches ought to stop and consider something.  On a global scale, the world has a terrible inequity problem, that is a given.  But the self proclaimed 99% do not seem to understand that by global standards, they are considered rich.  The average American family makes about 50% more than the world’s poorest families, many who live on less than $1.25 per day.

So stop your bitchin’ you have it better than most.

Rising From The Dead:  BCM, Bus Conversions Magazine is coming back  This weekend I got an email from one of the editors of the now defunct Bus Conversion Magazine formally of MAK Publishing, soliciting material from me for a start up of the mag beginning in September.

Now this rag, earlier this year, walked away from all of its obligations to its readership, arbitrarily voided their subscriptions and stopped publishing.  They also did not respond to emails, telephone or any other inquiries or communications and shut everyone out.  Not a nice thing to do to people regardless of your situation.

Now they are wanting “free contributions of material” to get it back on its feet and going again.  I especially got a kick out of this:  “All of this needs to be kept on the down-low so we can surprise our subscribers in September.”

That last quote I found particularly amusing.

On the down-low is an expression used mainly by black males, who are married, and are sneaking out at night to engage in sex with other men (in all fairness I suppose it could mean to cover something of a clandestine nature).  Perhaps it would have been more appropriate to have said “Keep this on the Q.T. until we can get it up and running?”

Being as they have in the past taken submitted material from me and NOT paid for it, I have no use for them or their two-bit poorly conceived rag.  One thing BCM and its people need to learn is, “Never forget the hand that helps you up, and the boot that shows you to the door.”  Nothing forthcoming from here, and because it is Mickey-Mouse in nature, I cannot see it surviving in the future.  Some people get lost in the woods, and some people get found.  This poorly written, sub-standard magazine is doomed from the start, new leadership or not.

This mailed out media-dog aint gonna hunt.

So that are it for Monday boys & girls, the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Just remember that four out of five people between the age of 9 and 21 at least temporarily show some form of mental illness.  This would be depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and of course, addictions.

Now look around the room.

If you haven’t learned to mellow out now, you should be thinking about it.