Reach Out And Bug Somebody.

Man that felt good. Today as I was leaving the cafe, I had to exit thru two double doors to get out of the building.  As I was walking out, I was being followed by a ten year old kid, who was talking on a cellphone.  At this point I wish to interject into this, that I throughly disagree with the policy of giving a ten year old kid their own cellphone.

Walking thru the first door, I held the door for junior who is blabbing away and didn’t even bother to reach up and grab the door that I was holding for him.  He just kept chattering away like some kind of Magpie oblivious to what was happening in his world.

On the second door, unaware to junior, the routine changed up a bit, I walked thru that door, but this time, I did not hold the door for him. The door came up rather abruptly for our cellphone commander and it kind of slapped him upside the head.  He looks at me and says, “Hey man, what’s the deal?”  I just looked at him and said, “I aint your man.  And God didn’t put me on this planet to hold doors open for morons on cellphones. By the way, your ballcap is on crooked.”

Like I said … Man that felt good.

One of the apparent benefits of getting older is I can now do what I think is comfortable.  All this PC crap and all that, they can have it.  Check out this commercial for Southern Comfort,it really cracks me up and it mirrors what we are talking about here.

Be the you that you want to be, cause if you don’t, you will waste the you that you already are.

Have a great weekend.


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