Stardust – Magic and Other Cures

“Wednesday … You have to be very careful these days, if you want to make it all the way to Friday.”

Too hot for that.  A teacher in a Nashville high-school has been suspended for allegedly throwing a bucket of water over a pair of teenagers he saw kissing in a hallway.  The teacher, not named by the school, posted on his Facebook page that his dousing of the pair “seemed to work and they stopped” and then he added “keep me in your prayers, peeps.”

My dad used to throw water on dogs all the time to make them stop, so what is the big deal?  The next thing you know, the Chess Club will be banning plunging necklines and major displays of cleavage by the female players.

Where will it all end?

Three strikes and you are out.  A las Vegas man visiting friends in Oregon was stopped three times in one day for speeding.  The first time it was 105 mph, 98 mph and 92 mph respectively.  You would have thought he would have gotten the message the first time.  But I cannot give him too much trouble, in my younger days I got three tickets in one day while riding my Harley Davidson motorcycle, so I will cut him some slack.  I used to drive to California on a weekly basis and got enough tickets to wallpaper my room, so there should be some understanding here.

Why people are in such a hurry is beyond me.

Wind killers.  The interstate is full of wind turbine equipment this week, long carriers headed out to Western Oklahoma wind-farms.  These huge turbine like windmills are erected in wind prone areas of the prairie and they are natural killers for migratory birds, Eagles, Red Tailed Hawks and owls.  Funny how it is we write all these well intentioned laws and the oil companies and their cronies just ignore them.

Two of America’s migratory wildlife laws are violated on a daily basis in this state and I assume elsewhere by these wind turbine machines.  The migrator Bird Treaty Act and the Eagle Protection Act were both put in place to protect birds.  Over the past twenty years the federal government has initiated hundreds of cases against oil, gas and electricity producers for breaking wildlife laws.

Yet the Obnama administration has never prosecuted a wind farm anywhere.  The green people are guilty of even bigger hypocrisy.  They complain that American’s do not study climate change but they ignore widespread evidence of bird deaths and the reduction of bird populations by these monsters of the prairie.

To save our planet and our environment, it seems, you first have to wreck it.

From the cradle to the grave.  Three million more Americans age 65 and over are working today than a decade ago.  Used to be you only saw them employed as Wally-World greeters, but that has changed.  They now make up 18 percent of the workforce, up from 13 percent.  Life is good in the Greatest Country in the World.  It could be a lot worse, you could be stuck in some cave in Afghanistan with three feuding wives, eight children, five grandchildren and 10 very bored villagers and no ESPN.

Think about it.

Vote and do it often.  As the race for a new American Superman continues my mailbox heats up, please stop sending me all this electronic political tripe.  65% of you feel like the current guy will be elected, which means that most likely 87% of the voters will vote for him, 63% of the independents and 42% of the Repub.’s will vote for him.  In a recent survey they posed a question to the electorate (that is YOU in case you did not know) Question – Are there too many immigrants in America? 17% said yes; 11% said No; 72% said “I am not understand the question please.”

I just love numbers, you can do just about anything you want with numbers. 

Which really beats talking about Death … Taxes … And Romney.

I promise.  Maybe we should just have them all sign a pledge to America and try it again.  (Newt and the boys did that before and then they reneged on it) We would ask all candidates to sign a pledge that they were virgins before marrying, are not gay, and will not watch pornography during working hours and seldom eat at Chick Filet.  The pledge could be tailor made to fit just about any moral clause you can think of, and say, here is an idea, we could do it like they do it, put some clauses or stipulations in there that are of a “undisclosed nature.”

Yeah, that might work.

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to go outside and scream!  One of the few things in life left for me that I can still afford.  We will call this a day, I am feeling a bad case of the blues coming on, and it is only Wednesday … You have to be very careful these days, if you want to make it all the way to Friday.