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“Now listen up America.  If you are sixty-five and older, with no pre-existing medical problems, we have a plan for you.”  Yeah right, and what planet is it exactly that you hail from?  Give me a break.

A local television channel has this Chef guy, he is on every now and then, whipping up gourmet delights for the summer.  So he says, “You can make this with any sort of nuts or mixture of nuts, and it is really good as well, the nuts keep for ages.  But I doubt if they will be around for long.”  Cut to the female reporter:  So while you go for the break.  I am going to have a nibble on the Chef’s nuts.

Stick a pin in the map, another perky little OU Journalism major has been found.  The winner of the week, the absolute best, has to be the commercial that states it can provide “Discount Bankruptcy.”  Now that is a concept.

Driving by this simple little elementary school out in the country I am amazed at how much things have changed in our lives.  When I was young and went to grammar school, we walked, we did not drive.  And we certainly did not show up plastered.

I-40 Eastbound El Reno Oklahoma

Here is another one that doesn’t make sense.  Where was Congress when we entered Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos?  Where were all these Congressional observers when we went into Grenada, Nicaragua.  These elected misfits help us out with Kuwait, Iraq, and most recently Afghanistan?  Ask a six time deployed Marine what Congress has done for him lately … The answer is going to be not much.  As long as we keep electing Presidents who invoke the Emergency Powers of the President Act, we will be fighting in some war.  Congress doesn’t even enter into it any more.

Maybe I am just getting old and cranky and I just do not get it?  

But as an American I am tired of crap like this.  

What can I say … things happen.  It just isn’t any fun getting old in America.  I note that I forget things more quickly than before, a nice shapely thing in a short skirt isn’t all that likely to turn my head, but a Cheeseburger and order of fries surely will.  I have different parts of my body, waking up at different times every morning and I am not worth a flip until I get that second cup of coffee.

One thing is for sure, it is taking a long time for me to be the me that I want to be.  Retirement is not all that it is cut out to be, if you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed for you, if you cannot afford a doctor, go to any airport and you will get a free breast exam, free X-ray, and if you mention Al Qaeda you will get a free colonoscopy.

Here is an interesting read on aging and the life process.  Check it out.

Walking back to the car Thursday and a panhandler comes up to me and says, “Hey buddy, you got a couple of bucks for a sandwich?”  And I see the pack of Marlboro’s in his pocket, funny they never have anything for food, but they can always find the coin for a $5 pack of smokes.  I look at him and say, “Sure.  Let’s see the sandwich.”  Which of course, makes him a little bit indignant and he barks at me, “I aint selling them … I am trying to get one!”  I then said, “Well, if you are not selling them, then go away.”  He then implied that my parents were never married, which is of course silly, he doesn’t even know my parents.  

People seem to be wound a little tight these days, you notice that? 

When Michael Rorrer found a stash of comic book in his great-uncle’s home in Virginia after his death, he thought that they were cool.  But he soon discovered that some of them were among the rarest issues ever published.

The collection which fetched $3.6 million at auction included Action Comics #1 which introduced Superman to the world, Detective comics #27 the first appearance of Batman.  An incredible find.  From a historical perspective it is mind numbing.  My mother cleaned out my closet one fine spring day in 1965 and thus thwarted any chances of me ever being a millionaire.  I guess the only hope left for me is my metal detector, but unfortunately, I can no longer afford the batteries.

We always save the best for last around here, so here it is, straight out of our SPAM folder:  “I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you are going to a famous blogger if you are not already ;) Cheers!”

Now if that doesn’t give you a warm fuzzy … nothing will.

Life is a learning experience, we all take something away from it, I hope you share this belief and have benefited from all of this today.  I know I sure have, from now on, I am gonna hang onto every Snapple bottle cap I have.

You never know.


6 thoughts on “Old And Cranky

  1. In reading your comments regarding Congress about “where were they” myself, along with a cast of gazillions could not agree with you more !
    I had entered my car into a carshow this past weekend in Lathrop, CA which was hosted by a Senior Citizen Community group. They had several Army and Marine people mixing with the crowd, and I could not believe all the attention they were getting !
    When I got the chance, during my conversation with a Tech Sgt. with the Army, I asked him how long he’d been serving and all. His reply was going on 17 years and it’s a struggle for him to maintain a positive attitude to reach his “twenty” years of service. I asked in “round” figures what he was making, and the answer stunned the hell out of me!!!
    I remember when I was a single, snot-nosed, punk kid of 17 and in the USAF in 1961, my take home pay at that time after taxes was $78 a week. Now these guys ‘n gals who are laying their lives on the line for their country (especially the married ones) are being paid a pittence by their country to do just that. Like you DS, I just don’t get it.


    • While the function of the bilboard is to make others aware of the dangers of war, it is useless in our society as we seldom consult Congressional leaders for anything. We are more or less told how it is to be, and we no longer have the option of using our elected to be a moderator between the populace and a government. A government that is, in my opinion, is clearly running amuck and out of control.

      Nothing … absolutely NOTHING good ever came out of war.



  2. I’m tired of the ‘little’ skirmishes. We need a plan. Maybe this:

    Israel bombs Iran. Russia bombs Israel. We bomb Russ…… Nah. That’s too simple.

    Somebody in D.C. will figure out a way to start one, though.


    • How about this? Don’t bomb anyone. Don’t force our way of thinking on people who do not want it, nor appreciate it. Sell them food for oil or let ’em eat their oil. Eradicate cocaine and herion at the source, and get rid of it completely. Ban all corporate lobbyists from Washington DC permanently. And most importantly, don’t re-elect anyone.



    • That’s not being cranky, that’s being unrealistic — unfortunately. After the past 55 years I’ve started wondering about humans. Maybe we descended from the apes…


    • Two sides to every coin. Some of my ancestors did indeed swing from tree’s, but they were not monkeys, they were horse thieves in Kentucky.



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