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"MAKE AN OFFER"Can you say “Lawn Mowing sucks” on the Internet?I guess you can, it is after all “my blog.”

A couple of days ago, I was just lying there in bed, minding my own business, staring up at the ceiling.I do that a lot in the morning, watch the numbers roll on the clock, listen to the ceiling fan rhythms, early in the morning.

And I was thinking about the possibility of painting my front lawn green, the money, time and energy I could save, by having a totally artificial painted green lawn.Using the best weather-beater Latex that Sear’s has to offer, I would either roll it on or paint it on.

A lawn that I did not have to water or pamper, or spend time with.Something like the relationship we have with our children.

Now it is time to go on record about something.Los Angeles…

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  1. I’m mowing around trees and the gardens, and the lovely lateral lines this morning… just anywhere I’ve watered (and of course the lateral lines have their own moisture and fertilizer!) where the grass has grown. Everything else has burned up. I expect I’ll come in coated with dirt afterwards. It’s drier than a popcorn fart out there…


    • We continue to burn and sizzle, expected highs are now exceeding everything that I can remember. I sit in the house and try to stay amused and cool.



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