Taking a day off today, need to get away from it.  Here is a repost of one of my favorite places in the entire world.


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There is a special place, nestled high in the Eastern Sierra’s of California that I just love.  It is Convict Lake, north of Bishop and in the Lone Pine area.  It is quiet and serene, most of the time, but because of its rather close proximity to Los Angeles it can get rather crowded in the summer months.

It is a pristine place, off the beaten path, that time seems to have forgotten.  A lot of the Sierra’s are like that, but it is getting where you really have to hunt for these places if you want to enjoy them.  Civilization is encroaching the mountains too.  If you find yourself there at a good time, during the middle of the week, you can take a break, actually hear the flutter of a birds wings when they fly by and lose yourself briefly …. In the bosom of nature.

In the…

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