Catching A Break

“So this Saturday and Sunday please do your level best to not grind on each other … It could get you in detention somewhere in America.”

If you are like most folks, you are ready for it to be Friday.  Weekends are good, if they did not exist, I think we would have to invent them, it is a time to recharge, regroup, to get ready for the week that has quite not shown on the horizon.  It is also a time for weed-eating, cutting, bagging, and hauling it out to the dumpster for the Tuesday morning pickup.  But for most of us … it is a time to relax from the week that was.

This week was different, holiday broke it up into smaller easier to chew pieces, and that makes it even more palatable for some.

One more citizen of Mayberry died on Tuesday, Andy Griffith, he will be missed.  That leaves only two, Opie and Gomer.  All the rest have gone on and are no longer with us, Andy will be missed.  I read his bio this week, an amazing individual, a life worth living and it showed.

Another thing I read this week, kind of got me going.  Here is one for you.  What do you think is the most germ infested item that you use in every day life?  Money quickly comes to mind, a little bit of everything can be found on our money, but that is not it.  How about a public restroom?  Now there is something that usually could use a good scrubbing.

Mid week I saw a woman, definitely afraid of touching a door in a quick trip, used her elbow to open the door, then she walked out into the parking lot and grabbed the handle on her truck and got in.  Must be the truck was cleaner or something?

So here it is … Believe it or not.  It is the handle on the pump at the gas station.

When you find yourself using the full service pump you are at risk.  A scientific study found that gas pump handles are the most germ-infested surface Americans touch in every day life.  Who would have thought that, certainly not me.  I always get a kick out of the nimrod who is elevating the hose in order to get every last drop of fuel out of it, that kind of cracks me up.  In Oklahoma we have Okie Engineered pickups … this is the dumba** that runs around with his tailgate down to conserve fuel.  As if he knew more than air tunnel technology and design engineering by a major auto manufacturer.

Email of the week at Creative Endeavors:

“Wait…… gets worse. I’m past giving a damn. I have no taxable income (except my social security), I don’t run or start businesses any more, I have no employees, and I won’t be around to pay for the party the welfare bums are having on someone else’s penny.

But future generations are going to pay for this, and you can bet they will roll over and play dead. Why? Compare the kids of today to yesterday. We walked to school. In all kinds of weather. We dealt with bullies all by ourselves. We actually had to earn our allowance or spending money. Nobody gave us expensive stuff like ipads. The sissies of today want security, freebies, and someone else to pay for it. And our generation wanted better for our kids so we in essence created an entire society of sheeple.”

Lot of wisdom in this email as I considered it.  I could relate to it, not often done in today’s society.

In the early days, I did walk to school, then I got a bike, first thing that happened shortly thereafter, I got a ticket from a cop for riding double on my bike.  I suppose this was my first in a long line of run-in’s with authority.

I did have a bully, his name was Dennis Troy, he was 13 and I was 11.  He was always picking on me and giving me a hard time, one day he tried doing this in my garage.  I asked him to leave he said no, and then he started pushing me around.  I went over to the door, picked up a #31 Louisville Slugger and broke his arm.  My father paid his medical bills and took me out for Ice Cream.

I am one of the sissies of today I guess … All I want is for the ##@#$**!! U.S. Government to leave me alone.

Funny how things change.  I was reading about a school in upper New York state that has banned dances because the students were engaging in “grinding on each other” when they danced.  So the school officials brought in dance instructors, and scheduled regular classes on how to dance and still, they kept grinding on each other.  So they have cancelled the dances.  We did that in our day too, it was called “belly rubbing” and no one seemed all that concerned about it.  I guess I should consider myself thankful that so far, their intrusion into my life has not been all that terrible, just annoying.

As I understand it, this is all going to come down on not my grandchildren, but their children’s grandchildren or something like that.  Personally I don’t plan on being around when someone hands them the bill for all this, but if I am, I am just going to dummy up and shrug my shoulders.  Seems like the safest thing to do for me.

So this Saturday and Sunday please do your level best to not grind on each other … It could get you in detention somewhere in America.  I am going back to my movie where July Johnson and Roscoe Bookbinder are riding deep into Mexico in pursuit of Dean Martin, who gets the girl … then he dies.

Sometimes it is just hard to catch a break in life.

Have a great weekend.


Kudo’s to Jon for the email quote.

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6 thoughts on “Catching A Break

  1. Well DS, now that you’ve ruined my day with the info ’bout lowering the tailgate on my ’99 Silverado to save fuel, I’ll go out and latch it up and wonder if all that calculating I’ve done was worth it or not?
    HEY ! I just thought of something: What if I “raise” the trunk lid on the ol’ ’48 Chevy and boogie along, with it acting like the “spoiler” on those NASCAR vehicles? Better traction when I smoke them rear tires, etc?
    Your comments on the “belly rubbing” brought back wonderful memories of the school dances that I attended. I had a “slow-dance” partner named Mary Ann Mitchell, and while dancing to some of the most memorable DooWop songs ever written, we thought alike, and moved in unison. Only was kicked out of one dance ’cause we were caught “necking” as the dean of girls called it, on the very last dance of the night.
    The grinding you’re talking about; several years ago I happened to switch to that program Soul Train, then later Dick Clark’s American Band Stand. I cannot believe the censors would not have made kids stop what they were doing with each other on the dance floor or up on those platforms !


    • You can drop your tail-gate all you want, it makes no diff. from what I understand about it.

      You were about five years ahead of me in school, I don’t know if they did it differently then or now. When it rained, they gathered all of us in the gym and we had to dance with the girls. Now most of the guys hated this for sure, but I found it rather interesting and somewhat enjoyable. You can best believe I was a whishin’ and hoping, grinding too beat the band!


      Thinking back on all this. I used to dance with Marilynn and Terry Myers such delightful classy little things in that day (and busy little beaver that I was, it was for both of those ladies first kisses and grinding that was on the agenda during the downpours).

      From time to time I fondly think of those days and silently wish that I could do them over. To this day I still get emails from both ladies … now I ask you Joey … what are the odd’s on that?

      I say let ’em grind!

      But then again, as you know, I am somewhat quirky.



  2. I’d say the odds are pretty good Don ! Before I deleted myself out of that useless website, I saw that Mary Ann Mitchell had joined the site ! Sadly, like alot of other classmates that I’d seen on that site, they never “paid” to become an All Access member so they cannot see the emails that are sent to them. I do see that she lives in Sacrotomato, and one of these days I’ll try information and see if I can get her phone number.
    Yes, I remember those “rain-out” days too, but like you, I enjoyed the hell out of ’em! I remember too that in my junior year a dance class was offered right after lunch period, and I jumped at the chance to try it out. Don’t remember the instructor’s name, but man ! could she shake a leg as they say ! I learned how to do the tango, rumba, and the “correct” way to waltz. AH ! those were the days my friend !


    • I deleted myself out of there about a month ago, and at the same time, killed all of their annoying automatic emails to check out what was going on there ….. which was always ….. nothing.

      Don’t miss ’em.

      Glad you liked the article and it is as always, good to hear from you.



  3. Mythbusters did a segment on tailgates and found that you got better mileage with tailgate up, inbetween mileage with cargo net type gate, and worst mileage with tailgate down.


    • Thank Ed, I was pretty sure it was bogus, I have known people who would swear by it and claim that it improved their lot in life, but I never bought into it myself.



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