Genset Workover

It has been awhile since I paid any attention to the area holding the generator, so I have spent a week or two working it up and changing it around a little.  First order of the day was to pull the doors, take them over to the workbench area and bring them back up to standards.  This entails a lot of wire brushing, prepping and then repainting.  Most of the old sound proofing was removed at this time, and so far, I have not located a suitable replacement for it.  It is not often easy finding replacement parts for a twenty-nine year old bus.

Doors are nasty, they take a lot of work to clean up.  As with most everything I do concerning the bus, this was labor intensive and it took a lot of my time, but I feel the end results justify the effort put forth.  Surprisingly, not a lot of expense associated with it, just time.  But it does make all the difference in the world and it looks good, so I guess it is all worth it.

Once the doors were re-worked and ready to go, it was time for the genset area.  I could not find a suitable mix for the Kubota generator, and ended up mixing my own paint to do the job.  Kubota’s are something like a greenish/blue color stock (see first picture above).  Ours is now a sort of custom mixed Royal Blue, close but no cigar.  It might not be kosher, but it gave it all a nice appearance.

And after all, it is like most bus owners will be quick to tell you … “the only person that has to worry about it is myself, and if it pleases me, then it is good to go.”

It is amazing the difference that can be had with just a little elbow grease, patience and store bought paint from the local hardware store.

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7 thoughts on “Genset Workover

  1. Are you for hire? VERY nice job!


  2. As the daughter of a mechanic, I appreciate the work you put into this task. Not too many folks do their own work on vehicles (or buses!) anymore and I commend you for the detail and time taken to keep your machines in tip-top shape!


  3. A most fantastical job you have done there my friend! Temps are just a tad bit to high for comfort to be working on my little paint stripping project right now, as the lows will be in the mid to upper 90’s, with an expected high of 113 degrees. Geez louise, it is just amazing the paint doesn’t just fall off on it’s own and run for cover! good news is we are saving a bundle on electicity as we are cooking eggs out here in the sun lol! DS you are a man after my own heart, a stickler for detail and a true bus nut! Watch those right hander accoutrements lol!


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