Engine Detail 2012

Although my engine and transmission are relatively new (under sixty-thousand miles total) they have been looking really tired and sad here of late.  So I decided to take some time and a little money (less than fifty bucks) and detail it out a little bit.  First order of the day was to pull it out of the shop and put the power-washer to it, try and get as much grease and road grime as I could off of the motor and the surrounding surfaces.

One really nice feature of the Eagle, is they were designed with free and open access to a great many of the area’s that a guy needs to get into.  That is a plus.  Power-washing like most other “non fun bus adventures” is nasty and only done every now and then (If you are smarter than the average monkey) and takes about 45 minutes to complete, start to finish.

Went by AutoZone for some heat resistant paint, this is what I painted the motor with and the exhaust system.  After it dried, I went back over it with Chrome Paint that I picked up at Lowe’s (this would be Rustoleum enamel paint).  Figuring the base coat (heat resistant paint) would take the heat, and then the upper coat (chrome) would be okay.  I don’t know if this will work, but it should be clearly visible or evident within 100 miles or so.

A liberal application of AmourAll and a rub down on the piping and hoses comes next, and areas that still need attention get some more.  A camera is a handy tool for a project like this, you can take some shots of it and then later download it to the computer and get a good close up birds-eye view of everything.  The camera is very good at pointing out areas that you somehow missed (and you will miss them trust me).

The last item on the agenda is to add two led strips so that if the case should arise late at night, you would have some light to work with.  I added two 12″ LED lights from United Pacific to the engine compartment.  One high and one low, lights it up rather nicely.

As I pointed out earlier, it is not new, but it sure looks a lot better.  Functional and pretty, the best of two worlds.


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2 thoughts on “Engine Detail 2012

  1. I even zoomed in on those photos and couldn’t find a speck of dirt or grease. Bravo!


    • That is a good technique to use, I often photograph the item or the work after it is done, and then super-size it on my computer and look it over. It often points out area’s that I missed, it is a good tool to have.



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