Thou Shall Not Steal II

“I like music, it soothes the savage beast in me, it allows me to escape the horrible things that life often has in store, and I would miss it if it were to disappear. “

Yesterday’s post turned out to be rather popular, so here is part II … All the movies have a sequel, so we will do it too.  I have a friend who is constantly stealing music, he says it is not stealing, he refers to it as bootlegging.  Which we all know, is a cop out, it is stealing, plain and simple.  Musicians make their living by their music, if they cannot make a profit or carve out a niche with their work, they will stop making CD’s.

Same thing with photographers, who also depend on a payday now and then for the sum total of their work.  In my own personal opinion, a world devoid of music and vivid pictures, is just another cesspool I will have to wade my way thru.

Not a pleasant prospect by any definition.

Personally, I like music, it soothes the savage beast in me, it allows me to escape the horrible things that life often has in store, and I would miss it if it were to disappear.  The pictures provide me with an escape, if only momentarily, to another place and time, and relieve me of the pressure of everyday life.

In the past I have actually lost friends and/or acquaintances simply because I would not copy software for them and told them to do as I did … trot on down to Staples or Office Depot and BUY a copy of it.  (My own kid to this day still holds it against me because I would not GIVE HIM a working copy of Windows 98-something or rather, which by the way, cost me $125.)

Last year I had some DUI lawyers in Austin, Texas, who were regularly visiting my site, doing a copy & cut, then pasting it on another site of their making.  Not only was this not a nice thing to do, they were also adding to the material, their own personal thoughts and observations and changing the material or morphing it into something it surely was not.

After several emails and threats to sue the ____ out of them, the site abruptly disappeared and the problem went away.

Maybe it is me, perhaps because of age, I am just cranky.  But I am sick of people disregarding the rights of others, simply to appear as if they are talented, when in fact, they are not.  Using copyrighted material and/or stealing it for use on your webpage.  At the very bottom of the baseline scale, is kind of dishonest and certainly beneath what most would consider dignified behavior.  If you are posting and not giving credit, then you need to clean up your act.

Long ago, the Greek Philosophers said that “there were no new ideas.”  And to a certain extent, that remains true to this day.  If you are borrowing to entice or impress and you are not giving credit where credit is due, you are a thief.  The very least you can do is to add some kind of “credit” somewhere in the piece to allow others to know where the material originated or came from.

Now I often walk a fine line and try my level-best to not to do this, but I am not perfect, far from it.  I do however strive to make it a daily practice to intentionally not use other peoples stuff.  I try hard to keep it original and most of the time …. Mine.  Like my latest effort I am working on now, “Sensitivity Awareness and Love Making For White Boys” which should out some time this fall, look for it.  (I will of course, have a “little borrowed stuff from Playboy” but that should be okay.  No one is really paying attention these days anyway)

Have a great weekend.


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