Thou Shall Not Steal

This week I received an email from someone who was a bit put out with me for not quoting a source and/or giving credit and a link to my opinion that I had expressed.  This person also hammered me about a photo I posted and pointed out that there was NO photo credit.  For the record, it was MY photo, and I was satisfied with it, I didn’t feel as if I had to give myself a photo credit at that point in the game.

Most of the time, or rather the majority of the time, I feel I am good about exchanging links, giving credit where credit is due, and quoting my sources.  As the complaint has been duly recognized, I am going to move on, and be done with it.  But I feel at the same time, I need to clear the air on a thing or two.

Been a slow week here at the Goat Farm, and I have the time, so here goes.

Lately I have gotten kind of irritated by some of these people who are constantly putting these inane :) or :D (stoopid type faces) on the end of their paragraphs or the ever present ROTFLMAO or LOL out the —.  I don’t know how all of this got started, but there certainly is no place for it in civilized society.

Let us call a spade a spade, if you are funny, you don’t have to put a stoopid face made out of keyboard-typeface characters at the end of sentence.  If you are funny, truly funny, it is going to come off that way.

Why all the juvenile attempts at reaching out and impressing the masses?

Another thing that is getting me down here quite regular like I notice a lot of people disregarding copyrighted material completely on a regular basis.  This as we all know, is the practice of taking “copyrighted material” and just slapping it on the page without so much as a photo credit or the tip of the proverbial hat to the author.

The copyright guidelines used by the NYT are: always a link or citation, and no more than 200 words or half the material, whichever is less, unless prior permission is obtained and stated, along with the source.  I try to stick with those, but sometimes it’s hard, depending on how I got the material.  When you want to pass on something that’s been emailed and has 276 addresses attached, it’s sometimes kind of hard to figure out the source, and sometimes Googling a couple of lines doesn’t work, either.

So there it is in a nutshell. 

No credit applied or freely given, you are a thief. 

It is not only illegal, it is downright rude and as we all know, not very cool.

511 words, if you stuck around this long, the new practice of slimming down is in place and working well.  The equivalent of a Facebook page written by a 13 year old girl with bad skin and braces. :)  :D …. LOL  ROTFLMAO … Oh, hahahahahahaha … I think I just hurt myself!

(Did you get it?)