And There It Is

We used to have a regular reader, an English teacher from somewhere back east.  She was a real hoot, I loved her comments, I used to drive her crazy with all my apostrophes’ in the wrong place.  She would come on, correcting my post, somewhat tactfully and in a gentle manner if you may, and point out where I was running amuck.

Often I think of her while hammering one of these out, and I just smile.

Had a full blown English professor who commented on my post and said it was “depressing.”  Not the subject matter, but rather the composition and the way it was laid out.  This pompous gas bag felt led to intimidate and harass, we never gave him a lot of space.  He on the other hand, I do not miss.

We will hit 1.2 million visitors sometime today …

Kind of hard to believe … but that has (or will) happen today,

Saturday June 23rd, 2012.

During this time we have posted 1,280 posts and have during this same period, some 1,986 comments.  The spam count is horrendous, literally thousands of them, some amusing and then again, some pretty sad.  Found one just yesterday that really seemed to hit rock bottom for me.  It read: “I have a 13 year old daughter. Let me know if you would like to see any pictures of her.  I also have a 6 months old boy, 5 yr. old girl & a 3 yr. old girl We make pretty babies :-}  Facebook address.”

Yesterday we also had a spam comment that was … get this … 1,542 words … and it was all in ONE paragraph!

The year being half over, I find that our most popular post was a Moment In Time  This one post for some strange reason was able to garner something like 1,900 hits in one day, and I have no logical explanation for it.  My favorite post this year, for me personally, is “My Favorite Animal.”  Another post that I am kind of fond of is “Mr. Gorsky.”

One steady but sure customer for sure, is “Bikini’s (Why Men Are Pigs)” which consistently brings hits each and every day (34,307) from who knows who?  Our highest day was the day that President Obama was elected, we had over 124,000 hits in one twenty-four hour period.  This was “Barack’s House,” which eventually ended up passing 566,000 views to this day.

So there it is in a nutshell, 1.2 million visitors to a site that has been here for a little less than 4 years, just pluggin’ away and throwing them out there each day.  My heartfelt thanks for all of you who come and visit each day and leave a comment or two, you are what it is all about.  Thanks, to all of you who helped us reach this mile-marker, this pinnacle of success, such as it is.

It is our sincere hope and prayer that all of you are still here, healthy and well, when we hit 1.5 million.  It has been one grand ride  … We could not have done it without you.

See you all on Monday.



4 thoughts on “And There It Is

  1. Well, I see I’m the first to congratulate you on reaching the 1.2 mil goal, at least here on your site !
    I’ve gone back and have taken the time to read some of the “older” posts and must say that most of ’em hold one’s attention. Have to agree with you and others that check in now and then to see what you want to “pontificate?” (ha, ha) on for the day, that if the subject matter does not interest you, move it along dude/dudette and maybe the next one will be more promising?
    Never could, probably never will either, understand these so-called “experts” that wantonly complain that you, and others that have taken this blog thang as a hobby, and really don’t know HOW to do it, yet will fire away with these, and thats, and you shouldas, etc. However, if they are then asked as to how THEIR programs are going; it’s all bluster. Could not agree with you more that ya just don’t give these folk an inch of recognition, ’cause most of the time, it’s just that is exactly what they want !
    Keep on keepin’ on my friend, and we’ll see how long it takes to get to that ol’ 2 MILLION hits, eh?


    • Oh Joe …. Two million? I dunno, that is a lot of writing. I am thinking about 1.5 and then hanging it up. As for the experts and the woulda-shoulda crowd, I just blow ’em off and keep doin’ what it is that I am doing. It is working for me and if it was no good, it would not be where it is now.



  2. Hmm, I think I’m happy to be mostly unknown. I rarely get spam and have never had any gas bag attack my work. I think the first post of yours I read (a little over a year ago) was “Bikini’s (Why Men Are Pigs)”, and was hooked. That’s an eye catchin’ title if I ever saw one! Keep pluggin’ away my friend!


    • Not being all that sure, but I believe the title has a great deal to do with it. I have some catchy titles in here, and they do get the attention. The best thing you can do is make it interesting and at times informative, that will make it stand out and be different.

      If you like titles, you will crack up on one that will be coming up this week.



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