Fresh Pressed Is So Bogus

There is something on that really stinks.  You can label this “sour grapes” or anything else you want to call it.  But this is how I see it.  Fresh Pressed on is bogus and a tremendous dis-service to wordpress patrons and/or writers.  In other words, on a scale of one to ten, you get a “D.”

Figure that one out.

This morning I am waltzing around, so I go over to the readers’ section and do a number on that, and then I check out “Fresh Pressed.”  The Readers Section is a breath of fresh air, it is a good choice on almost any given day.  Most everything you read there is “followed material” or people you have read before.  Fresh Pressed is where you go to see what is new and who the up and comers are … or where they are supposed to be anyway.

Unfortunately, on a lot of days they are not there and it is just a load of crap.

Fresh pressed on, is so not worthy of anyone’s attention … Why anyone would aspire to be associated with it or even want to be chosen to be listed there is really beyond me.  In my case it would behoove me to just skip Fresh Pressed, I have enough irritants in my life, I don’t need Fresh Pressed to round it all off.

Today there is a post on Fresh Pressed listed there asComic Belief

I made the choice of going to check it out, under the assumption that something slightly humorous or funny, might be found there.  What I found was a “One post blog.”  Period.  Comic Belief (the one and only post) is the entire blog and archive.  So out of curiosity I checked the about box, to find out what this was all about, here is what I found.  About:  This is an example of a page. Unlike posts, which are displayed on your blog’s front page in the order they’re published, pages are better suited for more timeless content that you want to be easily accessible, like your About or Contact information. Click the Edit link to make changes to this page or add another page.

Here is the pathetic part of all this … 350+ people checked they liked it.

Seriously, this is “Fresh Pressed?”  This is the elusive carrot at the end of the string, that every blogger hopes to achieve, this little gem in the vault that everyone wants to latch onto for just a day … any day?  Fresh Pressed is a total waste of time.  No reflection on staff or any of that, but if this is the best you got … Well, it is time for a new look or some other kind of gambit for your reader/patrons.   A “one post site” is worthy of this Fresh Pressed distinction … C’mon.

Give me a break. 

Hell, Give ALL of us a break.


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10 thoughts on “Fresh Pressed Is So Bogus

  1. It’s funny, I am a really new blogger and I always wondered about Freshly Pressed. I secretly hope one day, I’ll be picked, but on the other hand I have been a little dismayed at the “game” of blogging as I understand it to be. I love to read good material, and I use my “likes” sparingly. I follow blogs that I want to read, and discontinue if it no longer holds my interest. Apparently I am blogging all wrong and need to like everything and everyone in hopes they will, in turn, like my blog and follow mine. But to be honest, I just want people to read my blog because they like it. I stopped going to Freshly Pressed on a regular basis because I found very few things interesting, or sometime even well written. I thought I was missing something being new and all, but it seems I am not alone.


    • Off hand, I would say you have a good grasp of things. Your blog stats say you have 400 followers and that in itself is impressive. Keep right on chugging away and keep choppin. If you keep your blog current, offer up interesting and informative information, you will over time develop a following which appears to have already happened.

      It might be a good idea to remember, there are scores of people on here, some claiming to be experts, who say they know how to do it and generate the numbers and all that. Some of it is good and some of it is outright garbage. You will have to sift thru it, take what you need, and throw the rest of it away.

      “Following a blog or a site” in my opinion is the way to do it, this Fresh Pressed garbage is a bunch of hooey.

      You are doing alright, I wouldn’t lose any sleep over any of this.



    • Thanks for the advice – and I should admit that my numbers are highly inflated since I publish on Facebook. At best I have about 50 people that regularly check in – which is fine too. At the end of the day, I just need to keep cracking.


    • We don’t do FaceBook or Twitter, this is about it, and a couple of bus boards is the extent of it. Still, 50 readers per day (if that is what you are saying) is still good traffic, just keep at it (be consistent and post often) do your best, it will shine thru. Carry a notepad with you and keep it handy, if something comes up, write it down and then later on, you will have a post. It is all fairly simple.

      One last thing. You catch more flies with sugar than you do with salt, keep the trolls at bay (don’t give them any space), and you will do well.



  2. I’ve checked out a few Fresh Pressed posts, and enjoyed them, but never saw anything like you did. It really reduces my opinion of their selection process. If they’re going to pick a blog to highlight, it should be an established one. No idea what they were thinking.


    • At one time, they also ran something called “up and coming blogs” and would pimp off a blog that had one or two posts and was less than seven days old. I have seen Fresh Pressed posts that were on blogs less than 4 weeks old, this is nothing new, but it is getting old.

      Count me out.

      Thanks for your reply.



  3. I disagree about the Freshly Pressed selection process. It doesn’t matter if a post is from a new blogger or an established one. It’s about the Freshly Pressed post itself. It’s somewhat like a daily newspaper. It’s the current news, current-just-happened event. At least that is what I feel it is. I don’t think it is fair to say a person has to be established to make FP.

    It’s all about perception and who is doing the picking. I don’t give Freshly Pressed too much attention. I’m thankful for the exposure it gave me. My writing is not extraordinary… I feel my attention was because of a “warm fuzzy” that Daisy Deer brought someone. Hell, I didn’t even know what Freshly Pressed was until that day. I have looked at some of the FP sites and wondered what the appeal was. It sort of reminded me that it wasn’t so much that my post rocked the house down… it was about perception of a given blog post by a WordPress employee at that moment. I think something appealed to that person. He/she happened to like the title line… something catchy. And mostly, that is what it is – a catchy title that draws in the fish. This is MY perception, of course!! And, just because I don’t enjoy some of the FP posts, doesn’t mean I’m any expert about what makes great reading material or photography.


    • Thanks for your well written reply and/or comment. I don’t know if I agree or not. Surely a one post blog is not fresh pressed and how can anything only being posted for four days be considered “up and coming?” But that is what makes a world, differing opinions.

      For the most part, as I said in the post, I am giving up on Fresh Pressed and sticking with what I have bookmarked and followed, that to me is where the meat is on the bone.



  4. I fixed my “About” page, now that I’ve figured out how to do so. Happy now? :)


    • Not really. They say: “Freshly Pressed: The best of 447,457 bloggers, 770,312 new posts, 1,315,242 comments, & 190,314,129 words posted today on”

      How can a “one post blog” be the best of almost a half-million bloggers?

      C’mon, give us a break.

      My beef is with it is not with you. Thank you for your comment, and for checking in.



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