Where Do You Find It?

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A reader this week wrote in and asked:

“All of these snippets of information that you dig up never seem to amaze me. Who ARE these people? I’m so glad I don’t get out much!”

It isn’t a secret, they are actually all around us, we just don’t pay attention to them most of the time.  Much like Jeff Foxworthy who got very wealthy pointing out the obvious that surround us, I do much the same.

Except for the “getting very wealthy part.” 

That did not happen.

Make no bones about it, I could do what Jeff does, I am not all that timid or shy, and I know how to glean the material.  But that is Jeff’s life … And this is mine.  I am pretty satisfied with the me that I am, and I do not yearn to be anyone other than that.

Take for instance today, this morning, first cup of the coffee out of the pot, I come in here, slink into my favorite well-worn chair and turn on tube.  The first thing that I hear is this … “A local man is arrested for biting a police dog.”

Yeppers, that is for real.

Now I have seen police dogs and the very last thing that ever entered my mind was to bite one of them.  At the same time, I find this ludicrous and extremely comical or amusing.  But that is just because on most days I am somewhat of a sick puppy and life makes me smile.  I also suspect alcohol could possibly be involved in this incident.

Duh, do you think so?

Here is another one … “A body was found, wrapped in chains, suspended from a tree in Norman yesterday.  Police suspect foul play.”

Again …. Duh, do you think so?

It is all around us, the absurd and the sublime, you just have to look at things in a different perspective I guess.  “We are overstocked on new and used cars, come in today for fantastic savings … our loan specialists are standing by.”  Yeah sure, every year they get “overstocked” you would think they would learn … a loan specialist?  Used car salesman or salesman has changed right before my very eyes and I didn’t even notice.  Again, where do they find these people?

Perhaps, alcohol was involved.

We once reported on some kids that built a potato cannon on the south-side of town, and were caught bombarding citizens with potatoes!  Now that to me, is funny.  A guy transporting gas cans inside his car … decides to lite a cigarett.  A woman driving down the street with her baby, strapped in the car seat ON TOP OF THE ROOF OF THE CAR … Whatever happened to common sense in this country.

Being a voracious reader certainly helps out, the internet is a vast sea of information, and it like the tide, changes from day to day.  You can find almost anything you need or want on the net.  The tragedy I leave alone, there is enough sadness in the world, I want to put out good vibes, I want the smile, I want the feel good piece.

Leave the sad and depressing to others who do it so well, it is just not my bag.

Having so many video’s sent to me on WalMart shoppers that I now find that when I actually enter a WalMart store, I am not so much looking for product, as I am the weirdo’s that haunt the place.  I have had my share of trolls, hate mail, and the occasional threat of legal action, but that is just the nature of the beast.

After adopting this lifestyle (early morning writing or rambling, whichever you prefer) about four or five years ago, I have found that it changes you.  Often when I read someone else, I find myself admiring their style, how they set up the piece, the vocabulary that they used to make the point or set the hook.  Each day I get up and I go read all the blogs I follow, some I comment on, some I just hit like, often this is the start of my morning.

I used to read for pure enjoyment of reading, now it is more like research (the exact opposite).  Often I am walking on very fertile ground, where others have walked, and at the same time found nothing.  One reader stated that she would not even know how to get into free lance writing or how to get started.  But on the other hand, I have found numerous sources right at my fingertips.

It isn’t all that hard.  Make an inquiry and ask them what they want, how they want it, how many words, and then do it.  I get a lot of rejections but every now and then, a check for $225 and I have hamburger money for the month.  All you have to do is go for it.  It is not about hitting a home run every time you come to bat … it is about … suiting up and playing the game.

It is all out there, all you have to do is look for it.

Every now and then it will find you, just like this piece here.  It all started because of one little comment.



2 thoughts on “Where Do You Find It?

  1. Yeah, perhaps booze was involved ! There was a blurb in our daily rag this a.m. where a woman claimed that her GPS “told” her to turn left into the sand trap at a local golf course. When the cops arrived, they determined that she was drunk with a cup of alcohol on the front seat of the vehicle. And oh: it was her FOURTH dui !!!
    Afew years ago, we cut back on the daily rag to receive it Friday thru Sunday. I’m not into politics nor the city’s problem of near bankruptcy, so I just flash over the sports, and the page that carries what I said at the beginning of this, then the funnies.
    Local news on the tube, let alone the “talking heads” regarding the stuff that’s spewed out nationally is garbled, politically spun drivel. Have not watched any of that since Walter Cronkite moved on.
    When I open to my webpage on my computer in the a.m. whatever catches my eye might cause me to “open” it and read the remainder of the article, and here lately it’s the wreckage and trash that’s made it ALL the way from Japan’s disaster to the shores of the West Coast. I then go to my emails and see who is sending me the latest in “girlie” photos, jokes, or like this a.m. beautiful photos from a visit to Austrailia in 2010. Then I go to your site and see what material might bolster my spirits to enjoying another day of retirement !!!


    • The news by design is to “dumb us down” that way we are not a problem. You know that Joey. Big news around here is the loss of the local basketball team, The Oklahoma Thunder. They bit the dust last night in the play-offs and today is a bleak day in River City.

      Meanwhile in Miami, the forecast is for lite rain and NO thunder.

      We get everything from China these days, perhaps they have a basketball coach over there we can purchase, some guy named “Win-Sum-Soon” or something like that.

      Thanks for your reply … Tomorrow we should pass 1.2 million, come on by and I will show you a Ten Million Dollar loan you do not have to pay back … can’t beat a deal like that.



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